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Bébé Chéri’s Circus Nursery

With a lot of web searching, a little DIY and some luck, I was able to create my ideal Paris circus nursery for Bébé Chéri. Ever since my circus themed wedding, I can’t seem to get enough of this fun inspiration. And now that Bébé Chéri is just about here (due April 2nd, 2015), I have finally finished his bedroom,… Read more →

DIY : fun & frilly greeting card

I have a friend that I had meant to write to for quite some time…and the days turned into weeks and the weeks into a couple months! And before I knew I had become gravely late on my correspondance! So to make up for it, I thought it would be the perfect touch to make it into a fun, DIY… Read more →

Home Made Chocolat Chaud

I love hot chocolate. Sadly I am unable to go out and have it in Paris, as it is always, ALWAYS made with milk. And although lactose intolerance has finally reached the shelves of the local super markets, it has not and probably will never reach the café tables and counter of the many charming Salons de thé. And that… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY bottle labels

So, you may guess that this DIY post is for the bon-bon bar. I will be having a spouted glass vat with a punch drink for people to serve themselves with from the candy bar, and in the DIY spirit of my wedding decoration, I thought it would be appropriate to allow the guests to elaborate they own cocktail themselves.… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY napkins

I saw the concept of personalized napkins on theknot.com but they don’t ship to France, so I thought I’d make my own! I bought a « Life is a Circus » stamp on Etsy (a site that I am obsessed with!) And then created my own personalized stamps on rubberstamps.net with images I had created with an image editing program called Gimp… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : the DIY address to remember!

Planning a wedding in Paris France is full of obstacles. How MANY times have I heard the phrase, « oh we just don’t do that here ».  This is from the mentality here that one that offers a product or service for what most « normal » people do or get for their wedding. There seems to be a sort of cultural agreement that… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : Bon-Bon Bar

One of the fun things I am creating for our wedding reception is a bon-bon bar, where the cake (from Sugarplum Cake shop) and other assorted treats and douceurs will be set out for guests to take as they please. The venue where we are having our reception will be taking care of all the food and catering, but I… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday: Mains de fée!

Article in French! J’ai eu la chance de participer à un shooting photo pour un site événementiel avec SGA Events qui s’étend en France. Lors du shooting c’était mon bonheur de rencontrer Frédérique SIVADIER (« Fred ») qui s’occupait de la décoration et la mise en scène. Des mains de fée je vous dis! Des mains de fée! Quelle créativité et patience… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY Save The Date Cards

Updated version of the card added! . . . So we are not sending official « Save the Date » cards to all of our guests, since it is not really a French custom. But I still wanted to send some out to my American family and friends as well as those French friends who would be youthful and flexible enough to… Read more →

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