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DIY : fun & frilly greeting card


I have a friend that I had meant to write to for quite some time…and the days turned into weeks and the weeks into a couple months! And before I knew I had become gravely late on my correspondance!

So to make up for it, I thought it would be the perfect touch to make it into a fun, DIY frilly card.

Here’s what you need :

A sheet of thick, artisan pretty paper, some note paper for the writing part, ribbon (thin width), glue (I used fabric glue since my paper artisan was about the same texture as fabric), some sparkles or sequins to decorate, a fun ink pen a normal pen/pencil, a small cutting board and some sharp scissors.
I had to really search my apartment for some note paper. I asked Chéri if he had seen any “white note paper”. He laughed and said, “Uh, in this house!?! We generally only have blue, pink, red, or any colored paper but white!” Then he winked at me and I realized that, I never buy white paper! Ever. Too boring! 😉 and well he, Chéri, does everything on his computer, so he doesn’t use paper! Aaaah the 21st century! LOL! So, I found a pretty note book and cut out some pages, which turned out to be perfect for the project.

First : Fold your pretty artisan paper into thirds, like this :

Second : Measure out your note paper before committing to glue!

Thirdly : Glue the note paper on, and re-crease the artisan paper when finished.


Fourthly : Measure the middle of the front of your card (I eye-balled it), mark it with a pen/pencil ad then using the scissors, cut through the layers to make two slits through which you will thread your ribbon :


Fifth : Use your fun ink pen to write your note inside on the glued on note paper (which should be dry) :

Sixth : Close your letter, and tie the ribbon in a bow. Glue on the front of the letter some of your sparkles and sequins.

And voilà!

And for an even better touch, perfume your letter with your favorite scent!!! I think I will put on Laggridore Summer scent


  1. This is brilliant! How creative! I love stationary and paper and all of those fun things, so I will definitely try this out soon. Hoping it will come out even half as gorgeous as yours!

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