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Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY Save The Date Cards


Updated version of the card added!
So we are not sending official “Save the Date” cards to all of our guests, since it is not really a French custom. But I still wanted to send some out to my American family and friends as well as those French friends who would be youthful and flexible enough to understand the function of this little card which is not the actual invitation (a “faire-part” in French), but is just a reminder well in advance to guests so that they can reserve the date and begin planning for possible travel and hotel stays if needed. It’s polite.

I personally think it is a nice gesture, and felt it was important enough to make sure it was made. But rather than spending a ton of money on getting professionally printed cards, I decided it would make my wedding budget breathe easier if I just made them myself! Besides, I was in a creative mood and needed an outlet for the desire to make and do everything for the wedding ALL AT ONCE! I get like that, I really do, and then I go on these long internet browsing binges to gather ideas and inspiration and it really only makes it all worse, because I literally could do an entire DIY wedding at this point if only the ever powerful “this is how we do it in France” syndrome as well as that elusive thing called time would stop getting in my way! On the other hand, it may be a good thing that I have those things reigning me in…

So here are my cute little cards, made with 180 gram off-white grained paper, rubber and silicone stamps, fast drying ink and a few Bic felt tip markers. Kids craft stuff if-you-will! I got the rubber stamps and ink at Loisirs et Création a great little store with a branch over at Bercy Village in the 12th. So many possibilities in that store! I get just as lost in there browsing as I do on the internet.

DIY save the date cards DIY save the date cards DIY save the date cards DIY save the date cards


  1. That’s cute Melissa! Sooo, let me just get this clear. As I understand it… umm, seeing as you sent this out to the Interweb, we’re, like, all invited. I mean ALL of us. All. We’ll be there. Have you booked out Stade de France yet? Don’t leave it too long – there may be some slight competition from trifling little events like Metallica or Elton John or something to get in there on mid-summer’s day ;~Sab

  2. So cute Melissa ! Tu sais, c’est devenu très très courant en France, j’en ai fait en 2007 pour le mien de mariage ! J’ai une quantité incroyable de tampons, de poudre de perforatrices et un fer à embosser si tu veux (hot embossing) je veux bien te les prêter si tu as besoin.Un save sate est le meilleur moyen que j’ai trouvé pour être sure que près de 90% des invités seraient présents le D DAY, cela leur laissait bien le temps de s’organiser ! encore bravo pour ta réalisation ! A bientôt

  3. Very cute touch with your dream car! I love that it’s such a personal thing as well.

    We had ours done with a letterpress in the UK and it cost a small fortune, so it’s well worth doing it yourself but Melissa, creative I am not!

    I didn’t realize it was a custom here until people started asking why we were sending the invitations so early! Cultural differences are so interesting. Eager to hear more about your sure to be wonderful wedding.

  4. My nephew & his intended seem to have gone “all out,” and sent “Save the Date” MAGNETS, to stick on the fridge! Even then, tho,it does not leap out at us,b/c they picked a dark color w/ dark ink. My niece, in contrast, posted hers on facebook!
    Actually, even in the U.S., “save the date” cards are a relatively recent custom. I certainly don’t recall receiving any in the 1970s – 1980s. I’m guessing it is a function of several trends. First, of air travel has been growing increasingly difficult to book, what with fuel prices & security measures shrinking the number of flights offered, spurring more excessive over-booking [there are scary PA announcements every time I’ve flown in the last 10 yrs, bidding for volunteers.] Second, the birth & growth of on-line discount sites make it more important to book early. And third, employment is so tight that layoffs and hiring freezes have so vastly increased people’s workloads that many workers have to compete for vacation dates. Thus, as you say, it has become only polite to give people as much notice as possible, so they don’t miss sharing your joyous occasion.

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