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Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY Marshmallow Pops

P1110852 Marshmallow pops. When I first discovered these as I browsed wedding ideas online, I was INSTANTLY seduced by the possibilities, the colors, the sprinkles, the fun!

As I am planning on having a bon-bon bar at our wedding reception in June, I have been on the hunt for fun ideas to pile on top of it. This is the best idea so far and I figured a good practice run wouldn’t hurt! Plus, as I discovered, it is relatively easy to make, and speaks keenly to the creative person inside my head.

I made royal icing which is a mixture of powdered sugar (sucre glace en français), whipped egg whites, coloring and some citron essential oil for flavor, and selected some fun sprinkles for pizazz!

Marshmallow pops Marshmallow pops Marshmallow pops Marshmallow pops

I popped the marshmallows two by two on a stick (they were small-ish marshmallows) and dunked them in the royal icing, helping with a spoon to cover most of the marshmallow and then scrape of a bit of the excess. Then I dowses the thing in sprinkles and put it aside to dry!



And for those of you who didn’t know already that I have a thing for marshmallows… I thought I would share this video with you that I made in 2007… Enjoy!


  1. Alors merci !!!! Tout d’abord pour le cours de cuisine, c’est trop mignon j’adore ! et un IMMENSE Merci, pour la vidéo, et pour les presque 7 min d’éclats de rire qui vont me faire aller au bureau de super bonne humeur ce matin, t’es trop forte ! Je savais que tu les aimais les marshamallows mais là ….. lol ! You are the queen of the marshamallows. J’adore les marshamallows comme séparateurs d’orteils ! Bonne journée !

  2. Are you planning to organize, plan and prepare Weddings in Paris for foreigners in or visiting PARIS???

    1. Hi Maria Pons, I am not doing that…yet… (you never know). But it would be a pure delight to do so! Are you planning on coming here for a wedding? I can direct you to someone who DOES do that!

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