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Ralph’s : American in Paris

Article by Melissa Ladd Some places, no matter where they are, just remind me of my roots. Ralph’s is one of those places. The Ralph Lauren restaurant at the flagship store on the boulevard Saint Germain is like opening a door in Paris and entering into New England. I felt like I had stepped out of Paris upon stepping over… Read more →

Brooklyn Cafe Menu

Brooklyn in the Batignolles

Brooklyn Cafe, a new spot that opened up this past year in the Batignolles quarter, is every bit of that industrial-chic-Brooklyn-charm you could ask for from a café with such a name. And the burgers are amazing to boot! Plus, they have discovered that there is a clientele for gluten free burger buns, and so they offer that option on the… Read more →


Michael Pereira : Bringing Broadway to Paris

Michael Pereira is on a mission to bring quality Broadway jazz instruction to Paris. I met Michael Pereira a couple years ago through social media. We tried to meet on one of his trips to Paris the summer of 2013, but the stars we not aligned that year. This past summer though, in 2014, we managed to find time to… Read more →

Administration francaise

Âllo Quoi!

I have been here in France for more than ten years now….and over that time I have learned a few things about phone calls and courtesy. Often times, foreigners (being one myself I can speak from experience) have a harder time communicating over the phone. Especially understanding the person on the other end of the line. Perfecting that comes with… Read more →

Thanksgiving in Paris

This is the first year in 6 years that I have had Thanksgiving off and can spend it with my husband and in-laws without feeling rushed or having to celebrate a few days later on Sunday. This year I get to take my time in the kitchen with my mother in law, we get to cook together and chat, and… Read more →

Friday en Français : Tomber bas

Toujours lasse de traduire un article pour mon billet « Friday en français » je prends l’occasion pour partager avec vous encore une histoire drôle de ma vie d’expatriée à Paris. Récemment je vous ai raconté l’histoire de mon parapluie rouge et portable volé près de Bastille…aujourd’hui je vais vous raconter l’histoire des bas qui tombent. Alors cette histoire remonte aussi à… Read more →

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