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Michael Pereira : Bringing Broadway to Paris

Pereira_Headshot_New-399x600Michael Pereira is on a mission to bring quality Broadway jazz instruction to Paris. I met Michael Pereira a couple years ago through social media. We tried to meet on one of his trips to Paris the summer of 2013, but the stars we not aligned that year. This past summer though, in 2014, we managed to find time to get together. And I have to say… meeting Michael for the first time in person was nothing short of magical. It felt like we had been friends for years and years, and we slid into our new roles as friends, immediately. Meeting people like that comes along only a few times in a lifetime.

Michael has a magnetic field around him, I am certain. He knows how to draw people in, in a way that feels positive and easy. And that is how he approaches his dance students too. I watched an entire class (alas, at 8 months pregnant, I unfortunately couldn’t participate), and saw how he poured his heart, body, soul and sweat into communicating through movement with the dancers. Michael gives everything he’s got. And that is what has given him a steady following in just six short months of teaching Broadway Jazz in Paris!

(video interview in article)

When I interviewed him for this article, I was literally in awe at what I learned about him. In his third year of high school, he was chosen for the school’s performance of Pippin, and excelled at it, even though he had never taken a dance or voice lesson in his life. And following one of the shows, someone from the audience, someone important, offered him a full scholarship to the New England School of Ballet. Yeah, he’s that good. And that was the first time that happened to him. The second time was at the Broadway Dance Center in New York, where the teacher of the class he was taking learned that he’d only been dancing for about 6 months, took him straight to the office and demanded a full scholarship for him to study there. Michael is THAT amazing. A self-made and autonomous man, he marries his natural talents with his drive and ability to leap (gracefully) over obstacles, meet his goals, and shimmees his way through life like a true star!

Sign up for a class with Michael, voice or dance, and don’t let your dance or voice experience hold you back, because As a teacher, Michael will help you find your step, or your voice, at any level. And you’ll be forever grateful to have met this incredibly positive person. Spending time with Michael Pereira is uplifting and full of light. For Michael, (who believes strongly in miracles), is in fact a miracle himself!

American Musical Theatre Workshop
Studio Harmonic
March 15th and April 12th
14h30 – 18h30

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