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Brooklyn in the Batignolles

Brooklyn Cafe Bar

Brooklyn Cafe, a new spot that opened up this past year in the Batignolles quarter, is every bit of that industrial-chic-Brooklyn-charm you could ask for from a café with such a name. And the burgers are amazing to boot! Plus, they have discovered that there is a clientele for gluten free burger buns, and so they offer that option on the menu. Smart people. 

Brooklyn Cafe Paris Salle

We saw this place being built when it changed ownership not so long ago, and we kind of poo-pooed it when we saw that it was anther trendy burger joint in Paris. Those types of restaurants seem to sprout like kale everywhere in the city of lights these days (and ever since Obama in 2008 really). So we decided that we wouldn’t go there. Snobs that we are. But when Mama Chéri was here to help out after the birth of Bébé Chéri, she mentioned to us that she saw those gluten free burger buns advertised on their chalkboard. Boy did that make our ears perk up! Chéri if you remember is celiac and it’s always a treat to find Paris restaurants serving gluten free. So of course we decided to go there that evening for burgers. We packed Bébé Chéri in the stroller and off we went with Mama Chéri to indulge. Want to know what indulging really means??? Chéri’s order of the double burger. Two thick slabs of burger meat in between two sides of a gluten free burger bun and a whole lot of fixins’! Plus, those giant steak cut fries… and so well fried. Mmmm. I salivate while typing…

Brooklyn Café Paris Double Burger

The  service was friendly too, we had a young American girl in fact waiting on our table. The owner did check on us and fulfill some requests as well with amiable cheer. The only annoying part was that the smokers who took over the entire (small) terrace still managed to pollute the inside too because the door was open (weather was incredible) and we were sitting relatively near the door in order to have space for the stroller. Ever since having a baby I seem to have a furious disdain for cigarette smoke. Medical studies say it may be a major cause of SIDS and that scares the life out of me. So I tolerate smoke a lot less than I used to.

Brooklyn Cafe Paris Terrace

But we ate so well and were not out too late as it was really our first evening out with the baby. They served Brooklyn lager which made Chéri happy. A successful night out dining for him! Good beer, gluten free buns, and giant burger options! They even have Thousand Island sauce on the burgers. It gives that authentic flavor that you can’t get from the other burger boasting bistrots in Paris. So satisfying.

But beyond burgers, the Brookly Café also serve eggs “any style”, club sandwhiches (oooooh BLT how I miss you, bagels and authentic American desserts, including Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and pecan pie!

Brooklyn Cafe Menu


Brooklyn Café, 31 rue des Batignolles 75017 Paris

Closed Sundays

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