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A Paris Christmas Stroll

It's Christmas time in the city of lights!  #Paris #ChristmasInParis
In my hometown in New England, we always had an event in mid-December called the « Christmas Stroll ». It was a a time for the residents and those of neighboring towns to come and enjoy together the Christmas ambiance that was always so well exemplified in the decorations. The town (a village really) had a tiny little central « place » that housed the tall Christmas tree and the crèche de noël, and all the black and white façades of the boutiques on Main Street were spruced up with fir greens and red bows with pretty little white lights to accentuate the falling snowflakes that always arrived just in time. The shops opened late for the Christmas stroll and served or sold their best and most festive holiday wares. It was a place to run into your old school teacher, or meet up with past classmates, see old high school pals or towns people that you know and recognize for years.

While that may never happen to me ever in Paris, I did get to experience a different, perhaps more glamorous type of Christmas stroll and although there was no small town charm or reminiscing, there was plenty of holiday cheer and happiness shared between me and a darling friend who was enjoying it all for the first time. I couldn’t have felt a warmer Christmas glow if I had been at the foot of that New England village Christmas Christmas tree. Continue reading A Paris Christmas Stroll

Why Visit Paris in December

Post by Jenny Bailey

Wet postcard from Paris
winter postcard via flickr by giulia van pelt

From the glistening of Christmas lights to the city’s silver white winters, there’s no denying that December is one of the best times of year to visit Paris.
So whether you’re keen to step out into the crisp wintry air, or you’d rather stay snug indoors, here’s what’s going on in and around the capital to help you make the most of your voyage en ville.

Continue reading Why Visit Paris in December

Holding on to the Holidays

Is christmas really over!?!

I never like it when the holidays are over. It means that the best part of winter is over…and winter has just barely begun! So to hold on just a bit longer to the holidays, I leave you with this lovely post by Frank Cierpial from NYC.

Frank G Cierpial

By Frank Cierpail
The first time I went to Paris was in the winter of 2007. I was in High School and I had no idea what to expect. I cannot believe I am actually saying this now, but my mother said to me “make sure you go to le louvre!” and my gothic 17 year old self said “What’s that?” Well, I found out what that was and a lot more. I have spent many wonderful summers in Paris since then and the one thing that I love about it is the regularity. Whenever I left Paris, people, places, and things that I love have always been there the next summer, as if they have been waiting for me to come back. New York is the complete antithesis. Every time I return to New York from Paris something else is gone. For example, the summer of 2010 that I spent in Paris was the end of my favorite restaurant “Artepasta”. Artepasta was the perfect New York restaurant; it had the cutest waiters in the city and the best Italian Food for the best price. The city has not been the same since then. But, there are two things in New York that will never change. I started my walk down 5th avenue on 6th avenue between 50th street and 51rst Street at the legendary Radio City Music Hall to see the infamous Christmas tree and the display cases that linger around it. The first window that caught my eye was the window at J Crew. J Crew had a paper maché background with a wreath in the background and mannequins dressed in chic holiday outfits. Continue reading Holding on to the Holidays

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