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Summertime Tea Party with Patricia Parisienne

When Patrician Parisienne comes to town (she’s now married and based in London, but thankfully returns often to Paris), she has a whirlwind of soirées to attend and slew of friends to visit. Hard to do in just a few days. So she came up with a great solution… a tea party to which she invites all her friends in Paris…throw in some Sugar Daze cupcakes, a fabulous Habitat Parisien Paris apartment, some Kusmi tea, and some gorgeous handbags by Kasia Deitz and you’ve got yourself more than a tea party, you have an event! Put a bunch a young social media friendly women in the mix of all that and you can seriously get some promotion done, as well as have fun. Instagram was a buzz with #HabitatParisienXPatriciaParisienneTeaParty ! Continue reading Summertime Tea Party with Patricia Parisienne

Leibster Award!

It’s been a while since I participated in one of these blogger « award » (awareness) posts. I was nominated recently for a blogger award by Just Some Girl In France. But shame on me, I haven’t followed up on it yet! I’ll try to get on that… But first I want to respond to the Leibster Award that I was nominated for by friend and fellow Paris blogger The Parisienne. Thank you lovely!

Ça fait un moment depuis que j’ai participé à un de ces billets « récompenses » (reconnaissances) . J’ai été nominée récemmment par Just Some Girl in France pour son Blogger Award. Et honte à moi de ne pas avoir encore fait un billet de retour! Je vais essayer de régler cela bientôt… Mais d’abord je voulais répondre au Leibster Award pour lequel ma pôte la bloggeuse The Parisienne m’a nominé. Merci ma belle!


The Rules (if you are nominated here below)

It’s simple really, 11 is the number we are celebrating here and there are 4 parts :

– 11 facts about me and my blog
– 11 answers to the questions posed by the blogger who nominated me
– 11 of my own questions to ask other bloggers
– 11 blogs that I follow and recommend, and nominate to follow up and answer my questions in a similar post!

Les règles (si vous êtes nomminés ci-dessous)

En fait, c’est assez simple. Le 11 est à l’honneur et le jeu se décompose en 4 parties :
– 11 faits sur mon blog & moi
– 11 réponses aux questions posées par le(s) Blog(s) qui m’ont nominée
– 11 questions à poser à d’autres blogueurs
– 11 blogs que je recommande de suivre, que je nomine donc et qui devront répondre à mes questions dans un billet similaire! Continue reading Leibster Award!

Bonne Année! From 2014 to 2015 we go…

Article by Melissa Ladd

Melissa Ladd Prete Moi Paris Noel 2014
Already a few days into the new year, and I am finally getting to a blog post. Chéri and I had a cozy romantic celebration at home just the two fo us to ring in 2015. I made us gluten free pizza and we had a movie marathon. I honestly wasn’t in the mood for anything more than that, nor was I in any condition (at 6 months pregnant) so if you didn’t know yet now you do. Voilà! Chéri and I are going to be parents!!!

2014 was a good year for Prête-Moi Paris, one where the blog celebrated 5 years up and running! Continue reading Bonne Année! From 2014 to 2015 we go…

Bofinger Brasserie is 150 Years old! #150Bofinger

I was invited in September to a fantastic soirée at the Bofinger brasserie that I have blogged about before (a few years ago).  Amongst a slew of Parisian bloggers I was excited to be able to taste some of the options from their new Fall-Winter menu.
Bofinger 150 ans par Prete Moi Paris

(Pour les francophone, voici quelques blogs en français sur le sujet :, bambiaparis, ParisianShoeGals, Eloàlabouche, YuYuFashionBook, RaphALaVanille) and for a collection of the tweets and instagrams check out Storify.
Bofinger 150 ans par Prete Moi Paris
Not just a well presented dinner, the event was a fun and involved one. The lovely ladies who organised the event had us rate our favorites as the procession of food progressed, and we all got to participate in a food preparation lesson for one of the courses.
Continue reading Bofinger Brasserie is 150 Years old! #150Bofinger

Celebrating Five Years of Prête-Moi Paris!


Bientôt l’heure du goûter ! Happy birthday @pretemoiparis #pmp5years

Afficher sur Instagram

  It was a cosy and charming party at Treize Bakery, tucked away at the back of a darling courtyard on rue des Saints Pèeres. Friends and fellow Paris bloggers came to help toast to me and my blog. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.

The party was sponsored by 5 amazing people whom I care about.

Laurel of Treize Bakery hosted us in all her hospitiable glory packed with her endless enthusiasm and warmpth. A true friend indeed, she also offered up a gift certificate for the free raffle at the end. Laurel I can’t thank you enough, you never cease to amaze me with your generosity. Continue reading Celebrating Five Years of Prête-Moi Paris!

I Love My Lenovo

Article by Melissa Ladd (English & Français)

The French PR team for Lenovo contacted my and asked if I would like to test out their fun little « Yoga » tablet. Ummm…. OUI! I have an ipad tablet that I use mostly at home, but I have always prefered Android to Apple and I was quite keen on testing out the system as well as a tablet that comes with a keyboard (never been a huge fan of the digital tactile keyboards on the screen). So I hopped over to their offices and had a nice long chat with my correspondent there. And there is a lot to love about this little machine.

L’équipe relations presse à Paris pour Lenovo m’a contacté pour me proposer de tester leur joli tablette « Yoga ». Eeuuuuh…. Oui! J’ai une tablette iPad que j’utilise pour la plus part à la maison, mais j’ai toujours préféré Androïd à Apple alors j’étais bien curieuse d’essayer le système et une tablette qui vient avec un clavier séparé (je ne suis toujours pas fans des clavier tactile sur l’écran). Je me suis rendue donc à leurs bureaux et a pu parlé longuement avec mon interlocuteur. Et y a beaucoup à aimer avec cette petite machine.


Continue reading I Love My Lenovo

Lazy Blogging Syndrome

My dear readers, its been at least two, maybe three years, (I can’t even remember that’s how long its been) that I have been sustaining a rhythm of publishing something for your Paris pleasure ever three days. These past several weeks I have been posting a lazy one time a week. Call it summer. Call it fatigue. Call it life. Sometimes Paris is just too delightful to remember to do one’s « homework ».

I’ve been enjoying strolling the city….
image Continue reading Lazy Blogging Syndrome

Do you tweet like I do ? : Making sense of the social media circus

Sometimes, I feel like taking a BIIIIIIIIG LOOOOOOONG break from social media… That ever present need to constantly tell the world what is happening in our little lives, tugs at our fingertips without fail whenever something worth sharing is happening. Sometimes I want to stop. Sometimes. And then, I remember that I do social media mostly to promote and aliment content for Prête-Moi Paris, and I can’t let my little blog nor my fans down. (Not that they would have a bad withdrawal episode if I did). There is so much more content out there to entertain and appease them, and I am not the only one they pay attention to. But most of all, I post and tweet and instagram and all, for myself. It’s my creative way of sharing what I love with the world, for my own delight and creative motives.

But, there is something more than this need to create, that motivates me… it is the connections we make, it’s the dialogue we share, it’s the conversations we spark.

Paris Blogger Meme

So then why do I feel this desire to continually grow my amount of followers, readers, comments and fans??? Why do the numbers seem to validate my work? Do they validate my work? An author who publishes a novel hopes to have people read it, n’est-ce past? The more people that read it, the more people that author has reached with her/his art.

Continue reading Do you tweet like I do ? : Making sense of the social media circus

Oui love Paris!

I just wanted to post a quick little « billet » as we say in French, to share and spread the amour. :-) My fellow blogger Nathalie of The Parisienne was featered the other day in L’Express Styles and she was so generous to reference Prête-Moi Paris as one of her go-to blogs of Paris. I felt honored to be mentioned amongst just a few others, while there are so very many wonderful bloggers out there that love to pay hommage to this city that we love so much.

I love when people love Paris without hesitation. (This doesn’t mean they must love everything, because loving Paris also means accepting her with her unpleasant sides too even if we complain about them).

Continue reading Oui love Paris!

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