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Paris Wedding Wednesday – La 2 chevaux

This is a new series, that won’t necessarily run EVERY Wednesday, but I will try to add to it as often as I can. Since I am planning my own wedding, here in Paris where I live, with Chéri, I thought it would be fun to share some of my ideas, inspirations and plans for this most special day. This… Read more →

Barbizon : a photo journal of a Spring afternoon

Just a short drive out of Paris is the small town of Barbizon. A town epitomized by the pre-impressionist painters that went to to practice the art of painting outdoors, with natural light. Artists like Jean François Millet, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot moved there in the 19th century when this place was just inhabited by peasants and farmers. They has *gasp* the… Read more →

Tasty pause in Tours

A weekend in the Loire stopping for the night in Tours now always brings me to a restaurant called l’Odéon, right near the train station. It’s got great service, presentation and wonderful food at prices you’d never find in Paris! Seated in a well lit, nicely decorated place with graceful servers who smile and take your coat… we all agreed… Read more →

Paris Obscura Day cocktail party

April 9th 2011, Forest of 52 Martinis, Kim of I Heart Paris and Adam of Invisible Paris hosted a fun and carefree Atlas Obscura event at Dorothy’s Gallery: 27 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris. It was a two part event, but alas, I didn’t get tickets in time for the morning event which was a guided tour by Adam of the… Read more →

Bleu de Chartres – Day Trip From Paris

Chartres blue The Gothic age brought larger windows, more light and color into the place of Christian worship. The style is called « flamboyant » and it’s purpose was to strike the humble human with awe in order to render him (or her) pious and an avid believer. In addition to bringing in light, the stained glass windows educated the masses (the… Read more →

Cuisine authentique – Athentic cuisine – Aix en Provence

You all know that whenever I am outside of Paris and I find something that catches my fancy, I love to inform you about it… I found you all a brand new restaurant in Aix en Provence, that has an age old philosophy : good food that is good for you. Opened only 3 months ago, l’Atelier du Déjeuner serves… Read more →

La perle rare – A true gem – Coullioure

Well aware of the title of my blog, and, oui, it IS my intention to offer my dear readers insight in my beloved Paris, but occasionally I come across a true gem, and am compelled to tell you about it. We are in France, in the Roussillon region, where there is sun, beach and the Pyrenees mountains. The perfect setting… Read more →

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