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Nina’s Vendome : A Marie Antoinette Tea Room in Paris

If there ever was a tea room in Paris for me, this one is IT. I happened upon Nina’s Vendome by accident while on one of our Paris perfume strolls with Bébé Chéri and Chéri and our artist friend Barbara. This pretty in pink tea salon is fashioned after Marie Antoinette’s style and taste. Rose and apple flavors are given high priority, and the décor of the place enhances the theme so that you feel like you are sitting in one of Marie Antoinette’s rooms having tea like a lady of the Versailles court.
Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.

Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room. Read more →

A little perfume giveaway

So I blogged about a recent perfume launch by Andy Tauer at the Marie Antoinette boutique, and promised a little giveaway… Read more →

Valentines giveaway Feb. 14 – Feb 29


This is  Prête-Moi Paris’ first blog giveaway ever!

As Valentine’s day is celebrated (or hated) all over the world I thought it would be the perfect time to show my appreciation for all my followers by hosting my first giveaway ever. The prize? A collection of 3 scented soaps from the darling boutique Marie Antoinette that I keep raving about!

How to enter :

1. Follow me on twitter and tweet the following : « I just entered the February Valentines giveaway on @PreteMoiParis ! »

2. Like my Facebook fan page :

3: Comment on this article about how you celebrate your loved ones!

4 : Comment on another blog post of your choice on my site.

Note : Please comment with a name and an email address (it will not be shown publicly) so I can contact you if you are the winner. Also, if your comment, facebook and twitter names differ please let me know in your comment here.

The winner will be drawn randomly on Fabruary 29th, at 10pm Paris time.

Good luck and spread the love!!!

Paris Wedding Wednesday : Amy Punky Photography

Emilie alias Amy Punky Photography, studied law and learned to be a lawyer. She came into photography because of a passion for it, has always loved weddings and when she lost her job as a lawyer, she wanted a complete change of life, and so she launched her own business. Her adventure started in 2009 and is still going on.

As a child she certainly saw herself working in artistic line of work, stylist, writer, journalist, graphic artist…

In her work, the moment she prefers is during the preparation of the bride, watching a young woman transform into a magnificent creature and become the queen of the day.

One unforgettable moment she remembers though is of the father of one of her brides who spoke about the photos with emotion in his voice and tears in his eyes. « That’s when you say that you have the best job in the world! ».

Emilie dreams of photographing one of her favorite actresses, Julia Roberts, because she is so beautiful and expressive, a true dream for a photographer.

Emilie and Amy Punky Photography have just recently moved to Canada to start a new life over there with her husband. She will continue her photography business and has many projects brewing in her imagination…

Amy Punky Photography, taken for the SGA Events photoshoot

Rates : Wedding packages starting at 2500 euros
Portrait packages starting at 500 euros

Amy Punky Photography, taken for the SGA Events photoshoot

Marie Antoinette was here (posthumous)

Square Louis XVIII


A pretty little square in the 8th, with a chapelle, where the remains of Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette were lain for 21 years, until their remains were removed by order of Louis the 18th, January 21st in 1815 to the cathedrale of Saint Denis where most of the other French kings and queens are buried.


Visit the chapelle or relax in the park.


The square is openat 8am on weekdays and at 9am on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. It closes at 8:30pm during the summer (during winter I am assuming it’s earlier than that. The time was not posted.)

Se mettre dans le bain = To get familiar with something

Do Americans still think the French don’t bathe?

I live with one that takes two showers a day! The bathroom these days is a place to destress, a place of sensuality, a place for home décore and a place of hygenic bliss…You even have a couture line called Bain de Nuit. If you are smelling something strong in the metro, chances are it’s…the Metro! Perfume isn’t going out of style of course, but whomever holds fast to the rumor that the French don’t bathe is not in touch with French customs these days.
Ok so back in the day, people were afraid of water, or bathing was banned by the pope, or they were worried about disease etc…but Marie Antoinette loved a good bath, and even had perfumed bathing products put in her bath water. She had a bed in her bathroom because she would rest after her bath as it was was considered dangerous (which I suppose isn’t too far from the truth if you have a weak ticker, and are sitting in really hot water that raises your heartrate). But I can only imagine how much time of the day was spent in her bathroom! Aaah!

You may even enjoy the Parisian clubbing hot spot Les bains Douches, popular among hollywood stars…
Or Les Bains du Marais…beauty salon, spa and…restaurant!

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