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Se mettre dans le bain = To get familiar with something

Do Americans still think the French don’t bathe?

I live with one that takes two showers a day! The bathroom these days is a place to destress, a place of sensuality, a place for home décore and a place of hygenic bliss…You even have a couture line called Bain de Nuit. If you are smelling something strong in the metro, chances are it’s…the Metro! Perfume isn’t going out of style of course, but whomever holds fast to the rumor that the French don’t bathe is not in touch with French customs these days.
Ok so back in the day, people were afraid of water, or bathing was banned by the pope, or they were worried about disease etc…but Marie Antoinette loved a good bath, and even had perfumed bathing products put in her bath water. She had a bed in her bathroom because she would rest after her bath as it was was considered dangerous (which I suppose isn’t too far from the truth if you have a weak ticker, and are sitting in really hot water that raises your heartrate). But I can only imagine how much time of the day was spent in her bathroom! Aaah!

You may even enjoy the Parisian clubbing hot spot Les bains Douches, popular among hollywood stars…
Or Les Bains du Marais…beauty salon, spa and…restaurant!

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