Nina’s Vendome : A Marie Antoinette Tea Room in Paris

Ninas Vendome Marie Antoinette tea

If there ever was a tea room in Paris for me, this one is IT. I happened upon Nina’s Vendome by accident while on one of our Paris perfume strolls with Bébé Chéri and Chéri and our artist friend Barbara. This pretty in pink tea salon is fashioned after Marie Antoinette’s style and taste. Rose and apple flavors are given high priority, and the décor of the place enhances the theme so that you feel like you are sitting in one of Marie Antoinette’s rooms having tea like a lady of the Versailles court.
Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.

Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.

I started out just by purchasing a box of tea, but then was inspired to invite everyone for tea and cake, I just couldn’t resist. The cake was made with rose and apple flavor, a recipe that was created for Marie Antoinette, as was the signature tea, but we went for the astrological teas to go with cake. I had the « Balance » (Libra) tea which was a mélange of black and rooiboos tea with orange and vanilla flavor, absolutely perfect with the cake. I saved the Marie Antoinette tea for home.
Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.What is so special about Nina’s Vendome tea room anyway, other than the aesthetic element? Well, the Marie Antoinette tea is made with flowers and fruits gathered from the « potager du roi » the king’s garden in Versailles that continues to be cultivated today and is quite a prestigious garden. This is the only tea to have ingredients from the king’s garden! That’s très special.Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.
But that’s not all… Nina’s purchased in 1986 the perfume distillerie « La Distillerie Frères » that was founded in 1672, and provided court of Louis the 15th with perfumes and after that, the queen Marie Antoinette. Nina’s acquired the distillerie in order to continue their savoir-faire for scents and flavors in order to make teas… of wich there are many! Browse their tea menu, I am sure you will find many that entice you. I certainly have!!!
Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.
Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.

29 rue Danielle Casanova
75001 Paris – France
Tél: (+33) 1 55 04 80 55
Open Monday to Saturday 12:00 to 19:00 non-stop

Nina's Paris.  Marie Antoinette tea room.

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  1. I can’t believe I didn’t find this place when I was in Paris! I looked for « Tea Rooms » on google before I arrived and was looking for something exactly like this! Plus, being a huge fan of the often misunderstood Princess Marie Antoinette, this would have been perfect. The cake looks divine too.

    1. Hello Olivia. We hope to see you when you come back in Paris.

  2. Hello Melissa.
    We are delighted that you liked our tea room.
    Hope to see you again sometimes soon !

    1. Ooooh you most certainly will see me again!!!!

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