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Parisian Chic on a Budget

Post by guest contributor : Isabel Clift is a travel writer living in London. She tweets at @Isabel_Clift Think Parisian chic can only be done on an unlimited budget? Mais non. Once you’ve got your cheap hotel in Paris sorted, here are eight places to go for chic on cheap in the City of Love… Read more →

Christmas Sparkles in the City of Lights

Christmas Sparkles in the City of Lights By contributor Jenny Bailey Given its reputation as the City of Lights, it’s no surprise that Paris really comes alive during the festive season, when Christmas lights illuminate the streets and major sights. For much of the year it’s the Eiffel Tower that offers the greatest helping of sparkle; come winter time, the… Read more →

Costs you a quarter!

A quarter is 25 cents of American change… it used to be that you could purchase things for a quarter or under a quarter. Not anymore really. Let’s see… In 1942 you could get a bottle of Coca Cola for 5 cents. In 1955 you could get fresh roasted penauts at Ebbet’s Field to watch a Dodgers baseball game, for… Read more →

It’s begining to look a lot like…

Noël! The Galaries Lafayette dresses up real snazzy for the holidays. The famous « vitrines de noël » this year are themed : « Show Chaud Noël » (meaning Hot Show Christmas) and features scenes from musical shows with show tunes playingover loud speakers and small bears and dolls as the characters. It’s fun for the whole family! (Maybe somone complained over last years… Read more →

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