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Why Visit Paris in September

Post by Jenny Bailey With the weather cooling down and schools back in session, it’s fair to say that come September, Paris is in its prime. From some great gigs to go to, to a number of festivals to attend, here’s our round up of late-summer and early-Autumn events around the capital that are well worth stopping by if you’re… Read more →

Why You Should Visit Paris in June

Post by Jenny Bailey While the city offers plenty to do throughout the year, Paris in the summer is particularly pleasant. And it’s not just the weather that’s heating up – there’s a variety of events from festivals to frivolities to look forward to as well. Here are some favorites to catch if you get the chance. Read more →

Gatsby Inspiration Board

Gatsby Inspiration Board by pretemoiparis featuring vintage art deco jewelry Yes, the Gatsby craze is coming to Paris as we impatiently wait for it to arrive in cinemas here.In the mean-time, I have created my own little inspiration board for fashion, accessories and home décor to fit the mood. Read more →

Ville et Cinéma Film Festival

 I have recently been reading (no, devouring) several novels by Douglas Kennedy, who’s charachters are usually writers, often live in Paris for a period of time, and ALWAYS love the cinema. Those of his characters that come to visit the city of lights always find solace in the vintage cinema theaters of the 5th and 6tha rrodnissements. These are independant… Read more →

Le Prénom : fantastic French movie!

So the last time I blogged about a French movie was a while ago, 2010 in fact, about the movie Le Nom des Gens. Well, I recently saw another  film, called Le Prénom, that I felt was worthy of praise on my blog. What is it about French movies that have something about names in the title?!? LOL! Read more →

Parisian Chic on a Budget

Post by guest contributor : Isabel Clift is a travel writer living in London. She tweets at @Isabel_Clift Think Parisian chic can only be done on an unlimited budget? Mais non. Once you’ve got your cheap hotel in Paris sorted, here are eight places to go for chic on cheap in the City of Love… Read more →

Parisian Movie Magic

Post by Jenny Bailey For centuries, Paris has been immortalised in the arts. From music to literature, theatre to poetry, artists and writers have long attempted to capture that indefinable beauty which bursts from the city’s every pore. Recent decades, however, have seen an explosion of Parisian representation at the movies, with Hollywood’s obsession with the City of Lights materialising… Read more →

Friday en Français : Se faire une toile

Le concept : traduire un ancien billet et français, déjà pour pratiquer mon français à l’écrit mais aussi pour faire un geste envers mes lecteurs et lectrices francophones! The concept : translate an old post into French, first in order to practice my written French, but also to be a bit more welcoming to my francophone readers! (The Original Post… Read more →

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

I get really excited when I see a modern French movie that I thoroughly enjoy… so I considered it an important enough event to share this one with you, because not only did I enjoy this movie but I laughed out loud several times in the movie theater… not something I do at most films, even if they are funny.… Read more →

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