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A Paris Christmas Stroll

In my hometown in New England, we always had an event in mid-December called the « Christmas Stroll ». It was a a time for the residents and those of neighboring towns to come and enjoy together the Christmas ambiance that was always so well exemplified in the decorations. The town (a village really) had a tiny little central « place » that housed… Read more →

Eric Bompard – cozy cashmire!

I headed over to the Champs Elysées to pop into the Eric Bompard boutique on a freakishly humid and muggy day this May for their press day. Cashmere and sweaters was certainly not the first thing on my mind, rather how many layers could I take off and where could I get a refreshing drink! Luckily they offered me a… Read more →

Friday en Français : Faire le pied du grue

Le concept : traduire un ancien billet et français, déjà pour pratiquer mon français à l’écrit mais aussi pour faire un geste envers mes lecteurs et lectrices francophone! The concept : translate an old post into French, first in order to practice my written French, but also to be a bit more welcoming to my francophone readers! (Original Post in… Read more →

Best girl friend date ever!

So, my dear friend was in town recently, which gave e the opportunity to run around the city at a speed I normally save for exercise, and to see and do a number of things that sort of slip into oblivion when life gets going on it’s daily grind spin. Her visit was a welcome breath of fun air, that… Read more →

Faire le pied de grue = To wait around

(Voir ce billet en français) I never go to the Champs Elysées, unless absolutely necessary. Of course I did run into Dita Von Teese there last Spring, in a pharmacy nonetheless…maybe I should go more often. Well anyway, we ended up there the other evening, for a movie showing of The Informant (a good and quite different performance by Matt… Read more →

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