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New York state of mind in Paris

Big meaty sandwiches, oozing cheese on hamburgers, big kosher dill pickles, French’s mustard, barbecue sauce, thick cut Frecnh fried potatoes, Samuel Adams beer, root beer, and service with a smile!

Are you hungry now!?!





Well if you weren’t before those photos… you probably are now.P1080088 Like this little pup, whom I believe was well fed, but kept looking at me with those “pity me” eyes, and so what could I do! My pastrami sandwich was big enough for 2 or 3 people anyway, so I gave him some.

Never fear though you vegetarians, there’s a veggie burger on the menu!

A New York style deli and dinner, with bar-counter seats, tables and booths, nostalgia posters on the walls and a crowd of people eating with pure delight. A little bit of New York in Paris.

Scwartz’s Deli

16 Rue des Ecouffes
75004 Paris, France
01 48 87 31 29



  1. Mmmmmm ! Ces photos me donnent faim ! Voila enfin quelque chose qui change des Quick, McDo et autres Burger King ! Quand y allons-nous ?

  2. Despite not having had breakfast yet, I suddenly feel full! I feel like if I only eat one more meal in my life, it has to be at this resto!

    Once again, you and your fab blog have added a must-eat to my list. Merci Melissa.

  3. I must admit, that burger (with the oozing cheese) looks stunning! But please tell me, how on earth are you supposed to get that sliced ham sandwich, if that’s what it is, into your mouth, if you’re not a hippo?!!! Yum yum YUM!

    1. It’s pastrami… and yes that was a perplexing question i asked myself upon receiving my meal… I went the fork and knife route…so français n’est-ce pas! 😉

  4. I’m the opposite of Milla. I have had breakfast, but looking at all that food, I’m suddenly hungry again. It looks like home 🙂

  5. To the question “Are you hungry now?”, my answer is, without the slightest doubt, HELL YEAH!!!! ^^

  6. Forget New York, that place seems typically Montreal! I will have to check it out… Do the dishes come with a good pickle? 🙂

  7. I have been dying to check this place out. Coming from NYC, I was practically raised on deli food. Looks like they’ve got the proportions just about right for that pastrami sandwich. Please tell me they have good pickles too?!

    PS I can dish with the best of them if you’ll have me along for your girls date there. 😛

  8. Hi I think there is one SCHWARTZ near the Trocadéro.. Avenue D’EYLAU.
    They just open a few weeks ago…It is delicious..May be not as delicious as in NY….

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