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Why Visit Paris in October

Post by Jenny Bailey Why Visit Paris in October? Well, I’ll tell ya! In October, Paris is packed with personality. From art to fashion (et vin, bien sûr) here are some suggestions of autumn activities and affairs to try in the capital if you’re in town this month. Read more →

Mon Champagne, and a little decadence!

I was recently put in contact with someone Chéri knows, who is starting a business online that will greatly please champagne lovers! It is to be called Mon Champagne, and will hopefully open up its virtual doors very soon. The concept is to promote and sell champagne from talented yet little-know producers, or as we should call them « créateurs » as… Read more →

Amélie, NYC bar à vin

Post by Frank Cierpial For the Francophiles on the other side of the Atlantic… Going out in New York is hard to do. There are countless complaints that I have about the New York nightlife. Either the music is too loud, there is no place to sit or walk that does not involve getting drinks spilled on you, or  if… Read more →

Ethicando : cultivating community in a café

So the French Socialist Party has taken over the executive power of the state in France… so let’s hear it for a little social and ethical thinking! Ethicando, is a place with such values. A cooperative market that is « 100% made in social Italy » as they put it. 6, rue de la Grange Aux Belles 75010 PARIS +33 (0) 1… Read more →

No whinning, just wine!

I recently attended a little soirée with my friend Kasia Dietz, at a cozy boutique hotel in the 8th arrondissement. The newly renovated hotel has added a wine bar, and most importantly…a wine specialt who goes by the name of Judith. In addition to being witty and fun, she also has her wits about her when it comes to wine.… Read more →

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