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A Shaving Shop for Chéri

This one is for the boys! Planète Rasoir… A totally masculine boutique with all you guys need for shaving. The gentleman who runs the place is a total enthusiast. When I arrived at the store he was have an animated conversation with an equally as excited client – about shaving blades, lotions and other paraphernalia. I thought it was great… Read more →

Paris Loves Retro

Retro is in. In any form these days it seems. When I look at fashion trends I see retro from the 1920’s to the 1980’s popping up in every magazine. Wedding decoration has gone totally retro, and even photography is looking backwards for inspiration. I love it. Maybe it is just a sign of our times, where our future looks… Read more →

Dressing Like Dita

I have a lovely habit of wasting time on one of my favorite websites : ShopStyle. It’s like having the world as a closet and being able to create outfits form millions and millions of articles. It’s addicting. I am warning you now. I am also a big fan of Dita. You know who I am talking about. She inspires… Read more →

Americana Nostalgia Diner in Paris

So, since Obama has been in the white house, Americana has gained enormous amounts of popularity over here in Paris. I can see a great difference from the days when Parisians were protesting the war in Iraq (protest which I participated in my first year here in the city of Lights and Love). Americana diners are popping up all over… Read more →

Riding the 4 Roues Sous 1 Parpaluie

Nathalie Malric (editor in cheif, photographer and co-founder of Peut-Être magazine) was the winner of the gift offered by 4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie, that was offered as one of the gifts raffled off at the Prête-Moi Paris 3 year anniversary party. Here is her experience in her own words! Nathalie Malric (rédactrice en chef, photographe et co-fondatrice du magazine… Read more →

Fashion Brunch in Paris

Brunching is THE thing to do in Paris. Make your brunch experience even trendier if you head to the Fashion Brunch IN’a City. For it’s second year in a row, the Fashion Brunch concept createtd by Tiyi of  is hosting weekend events this winter where you can get a fabulous New York style brunch for 25€ with sweet and… Read more →

Paris Jazz Corner

5 rue Navarre 75005, Paris. I ran across this charming boutique one day while exiting the Arènes de Lutèce. The façade and winddows looked intriguing and I couldn’t quite make out what they were proposing with their display until I got close (and until I read the bold letters above the door). Jazz. But not just any old jazz…jazz on… Read more →

Perfume Launch – Miriam by Andy Tauer

Antonio, the owner of my favorite little perfume shop in Paris, invite Chéri and I to the launch of a new perfume by Andy Tauer ~ maître parfumeur. This fragrance was created in lieu of his collaboration with film maker Brian Pera. Women’s Pictures, his 2011 film struck a creative chord in Andy Tauer and the two of them agreed… Read more →

Vintage Salon

I went to the Salon du Vintage recently with my friend Quinn. I had marked it in my calendar for months. I love vintage things and was hoping to see the mother-load of vintage things. The cost of entry was 3 euros. I found that surprising for a Parisian event, where most things are much more costly. But I believe… Read more →

Didier Ludot and Petit Bateau

Tonight to kick off Fashion Week Paris for the Spring 2012 collections, I headed over to the Didier Ludot « Petite Robe Noire » boutique for the launch of the collaboration between Didier Ludot and Petit Bateau. Ludot created a small collection of mom and daughter dresses for those who want to be chic but like things simple and classic. They look… Read more →

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