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A Shaving Shop for Chéri

This one is for the boys!

Planète Rasoir… A totally masculine boutique with all you guys need for shaving. The gentleman who runs the place is a total enthusiast. When I arrived at the store he was have an animated conversation with an equally as excited client – about shaving blades, lotions and other paraphernalia. I thought it was great that men can also be enthusiastic about their facial care. After all it is their face that they show to the world, so why wouldn’t you want to be über picky about what you shave it with daily?!?

The boutique is tastefully decorated with a penchant for vintage. It’s a large (rare for Paris) space that is also comfortable. I waited in the lovely and aging leather arm chairs while my chatty host discussed blade direction with his delighted client.


It’s nice to know that men have more options than just Gilette! Chéri now used items like these and his skin thanks him, and moi aussi because his cheeks a super smooth and totally kissable! The next gift you need for your chéri or father, father-in-law, brother etc… head here and get them something indulging.








58 rue de clichy 75009 PARIS   –   01 42 85 16 08   –   Monday to Saturday   /   10am – 7pm

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