Le Petit Souk a Kid’s Treasure Trove

The Brand began in the north of France in 2005 by a husband and wife team. A bazaar boutique dedicated to fun and frivolity for kids, big and small.

The branch on the rue de Levis in the Batignolles opened on 2017, and frankly it couldn’t have been placed in a better spot. Rue de Levis is a charming market and commercial street in the Batignolles quarter with apartments above the shops. Most of the stores on this mostly-pedestrian-market street are small boutiques and charming brands, although there are a few eye sores that have infiltrated our happy little neighborhood…(*cough* sephora *cough*).

Nonetheless…charm persists.

Le Petit Souk is like a treasure chest of pretty, fun, silly things for you and me and our kids. I dare you to go in for just five minutes!

I did, and ended up there for a half hour and left with a couple purchases! Lol! Whether you need a newborn gift, a kid’s party present, or just something special, its here. But wait…also there are things for grandparents and moms and dads, and you!

This mom and pop brand is a growing one too and not afraid of a challenge. They opened their second boutique, in Bordeaux, in 2008, and no the world financial crisis didnt bring them down. They kept on growing, with new boutiques in France every year since 2011!

Small business that dreams big and offers a place for all of us to buy a dreamy little something to make someone happy…this is my kind of boutique.

22 rue Levis 75017


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  1. SO CHARMING! Thank you for the introduction to this adorable shop … I’ve added it to the « must see » list for my next visit!

    1. Perfect for souvenirs and gifts to bring home!

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