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Les Jeudis Arty

A new non-profit organisation Parisian event is in the works. It is fun, trendy and culturally speaking it’s terribly chic but remains accessible to even a total non-art snob such as myself. I know little about art. I took a few art and architecture classes when I first arrived in Paris, but beyond a few classics and some of the… Read more →

Some Things Never Change : 19th Century Parisian Activities

Expo : Les Parisiens de Daumier. Until March 4th… HURRY! 3€ Entry. Galerie du Crédit Municipal de Paris 55, rue des Francs-Bourgeois – 75004 Paris. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm – Closed Sundays I first heard about this expo via the blog Paris, Maman et Moi. Being a 19th century French literature fan (I have the entire collection of Balzac – and FYI,… Read more →

In the home of a Parisian artist

This Fall there was a lovely crisp and bright weekend where the 17th arrondissement had a wonderful event, that has become an annual rendez-vous and is imitated in several neighborhoods of Paris. It is a Portes Ouvertes (Open Door) event to visit the spaces where local artists work. You can chat with them about their work, and you can even… Read more →

Why Visit Paris in November

Post by Jenny Baily What do you call a person who jumps off the Pont Alexandre III in November? In Seine. With the blague du jour out of the way, here are some other amusing activities going on in the capital this month. Read more →

THAT Lou – Museum Treasure Hunt

I have been dying to write about THAT Lou for some time now, but I wanted to do so with the voice of experience. Alas, time and scheduling constraints have kept me from joining one of her acclaimed treasure hunt tours thus far. But the idea is SO COOL! Imagine visiting a museum and having fun! So here is Daisy’s… Read more →

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity

Post by Frank Cierpial Paris has always been a city loved by artists. How can it not be? Paris is beautiful twenty four hours a day in every light. In Paris, art is everywhere. From every building to every café crème, beauty is a big part of life in Paris. New York is the opposite. In New York, art is… Read more →

Biennale des Antiquaires 2012

At the Grand Palais….it happened… September 14-23rd, 2012. Scenographer : Karl Lagerfeld. (LOVED it!). Karl gave the immense venu all of that old-style authentic Paris charm, with a modern twist. The white gallery windows paned and lit with warm lighting on the inside made walking the alleys seem like strolling down quaint streets in nostalgic Paris, with a giant striped… Read more →

My new obsessions : Red and Blue

I have been in a red and blue mood lately. These two primary colors compliment eachother so well. Better than any other primary color combination in my opinion. Maybe I am a little late on this duo, I believe it was in a couple seasons ago…but I have decided that I am ready to accept these fun hues into my… Read more →

World Press Photo Expo

The World Press Photo 2011 expo is hosted by (fashion designer) Azzedine Alaiä, in his gallery in the Marais. These are the photos of 2011 that have won World Press Photo recognition. This is photojournalism with a push towards creativity. The contest to select the top photos was held in February, and over 108,059 photos were submitted in the 9… Read more →

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