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Marion Fresneau A 21st Century Artist

My pal Marion is a girl after my own heart, a creative, and artist, a shoe lover, a Parisian… she is like a character from a movie to me.

After completing an artistic high school curriculum Marion Fresneau went on to get an art school degree and then signed up for shoe designing school. She says she missed working on fashion during her art degree.

I met Marion on Instagram, of course. I discovered her because she is a stylist for Mellow Yellow Paris, a shoe brand that I love. A post and a story later and I found out we were a mere hashtag apart!

Marion started working for Mellow Yellow Paris right after shoe design school. She and her colleague design their whole collection. #amazing!

But as youth and a creative itch often does, miss Fresneau was inspired this summer to draw more than just fabulous footwear. She invested in a tablet and a digital drawing program and let her creativity flow on the beaches of Corsica and all the way to Los Angeles, and back to Paris.

This young lady from Rennes has, in a matter, of months made several creations and opened up her own website. Proof that a little inspiration can go a long way.

I am in awe of self made people (it’s the American in me), and I want to celebrate Marion and her talent. What better way than to tell all of you about such a perfectly Parisian artist.

Her prints come in several sizes and can be purchased on her site starting at 8€. A small price to pay to support a budding artist and have a lovely print for your home or office.

Her style is distinct, a little dreamy and very colorful. She works on each piece for a few weeks, with close attention to detail. Not surprising when you remember that she is also a shoe designer.

I am proud to have one framed on the wall of my dining room. Please browse her site and tell me ehich print is your favorite in the comments below.

And if you are so inspired, buy one for yourself! (Her packaging is all ecological to boot). So 21st century!

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