My new obsessions : Red and Blue

I have been in a red and blue mood lately. These two primary colors compliment eachother so well. Better than any other primary color combination in my opinion. Maybe I am a little late on this duo, I believe it was in a couple seasons ago…but I have decided that I am ready to accept these fun hues into my life. Mostly because I have decided that these will be the color themes of our wedding reception next summer….! LOL!


Blue Thunderbird Dashboard

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  1. Great pics 🙂 I love red and blue also!

    1. Thanks! I scoured google for them!

  2. Oh la la! Love the color combo! Your dress will be white, yes? 😉

  3. What, pray tell, is that yummy deliciousness in the final photo?? Yummers!!

    1. I dunno Kim! But I want to find out too!

  4. Great choice ! Those colors are very French in a way 😉 but not so common for weddings here so that will make yours even more unique !

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