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Born-in-Paris Beer : La Parisienne

Chéri likes to occasionally grab us a few artisan beers at the local beverage hop spots in the Batignolles. One day he came home with one so perfect it was fate : La Parisienne. A beer made by Parisians for Parisians in Paris! I’m surprised no one had thought of it sooner. The eye catching label is what pleased me first. A cute Parisian girl on a bike with the Paris breeze in her hair. And the best part, there’s plenty of flavor beyond the label.

paris beer
The lovely golden hue of the blond brew, the hoppy scent of the brune, the amber beauty of the ale and the creamy texture of the white beer are all so irresistible. They go perfect with a baguette and french cheese, or your favorite burger delivery in Paris.
For Paris lovers and beer fans this is the perfect match.
La Parisienne beer
Jean Barthélémy Chancel is from a family of vineyard growers and wine makers, but taught himself how to brew beers. That’s taking DIY to the ultimate! After some inspired travel in Belgium, the USA and England, Jean Barthélémy felt there was a lack of local artisan beers in France. So he started his first brand of organic non filtered brews. And with this new savoir-faire that he gained from his first brewing experience he created La Parisienne right in Paris in 2014. For means of space the brewery has moved to just right outside of Paris in Pantin in 2016 (but don’t worry, they are neighbors with the Hermès workshops so Pantin is not at the edge of the world! …Even though it is hard to leave Paris sometimes, I mean, I even have a hard time leaving the Batignolles neighborhood when I am not at work!).

parisian beer brewery

So Jean Bart and his fun Parisian beer are winning hearts and minds in Paris and beyond with the charming packaging and tasty beverages. I am fond of the blond, although I do like the brune quite nicely too. I haven’t tried them all yet, but I will be! And I am thrilled to be featuring their beer at my annual blog party this month.

Curious about how these 100% artisan beers are brewed? You can visit their brewery and take a tour! Don’t worry, the metro goes to Pantin. Cheers!

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