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Kasia Dietz bags new collection!

So, ok, some of you know hat I am totally in love with my Rive Droite bag from Kasia Dietz, and I carry it everywhere. And I do believe that every self respecting Paris-o-phile should have one.

But, you have GOT to see the new collections that were just recently created and are available for purchase.

I love the Natural theme for it’s recalling of the balance of the world and the elements that depend on one another.  And I LOVE the Black and white theme for it’s pure aesthetic! So much fun, chicand oh so Parisian. Kasia continues to surprise me with her creativity, attention to detail and savoir-faire for all things chic.

Bravo Kasia! I’m looking forward to my next bag purchase!

PS : for the rest of October 2011, there is a 30% off sale!



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2 Thoughts on “Kasia Dietz bags new collection!

  1. Thank you Melissa for all the bag love! Your support means the world to me! Bisous!!!

    • Well Kasia, I believe you are someone worth supporting, and I believe in you and what you offer to the world through your work. You are such a kind soul… I’ll be your cheerleader any day!

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