Inexpensive Shoes Shopping

“Saisir la balle au bond” = To seize the opportunity

Fall season is shoe season. But sometimes those brand spanking new boots in the vitrines have price tags that remind you how nice it is to pay rent, and eat and such. Even André, what used to be quite a low-cost shoe retailer, seems to tag on more and more euros every year. Makes me miss the franc. Well, not that much. Any way, I found the André stock store, since I don’t think I will be buying myself a pair of Louboutins anytime soon… The André stock store is last year’s shoe fashion, and a sweeter price! Hey, last year isn’t that démodé yet!

Next to n° 33 on ave. des Gobelins, on the edge of the 5th and 13th arrondissements.

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  1. Mes parents m’ont appellée Annot et j’aime beaucoup ce prénom.

    Je suis jeune de quarante-huit années !
    Mon boulot, géologue . Est-ce un défaut d’être souriante ?

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