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Louboutin’s Spring and Summer stilts!


Yes, I am a Louboutin fan, and even though that seems to be a blazé thing these days, like everyone has a Loubi shoe-crush or a pair or three in their closet… (so it’s sort-of an epidemic), even though… I still love them. They have all the seduction power you need! And of course they just make your feet like like amilliondollas! I think everyone who is or has been a ballerina has a shoe-thing. We like to make our feet pretty.

So of course, I found myself making a small, I mean mediocre, ok fine, LARGE detour the other day so that I could get a peek (and a few snapshots) of the Spring collection in the windows at the rue Jean Jaques Rousseau boutique.

And of course, my dear readers, I share these things with you.

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