I don’t know what it was that caused my taco craving, but it was something fierce. Me, who loooooves my charming neighborhood, les Batignolles, and doesn’t often cross the city unless absolutely necessary, well… The taco craving made me do it. It took me 40 minutes and a few methods of transportation, and I found myself at the bottom of the 15th arrondissement. In other words, the opposite side of the city from my cozy cocoon. That’s how bad I wanted tacos!

I have searched in grocery stores only to find just burritos soft shell options. I wanted that crunchy delightful messy hard shell indulgence. I even was about to order some on Amazon 😱 for some ridiculous price. It was going to cost me somewhere around 15€ for a couple of boxes of tacos. Outrageous!

And then my Google search led me to an address at the edge of Paris. I called and miraculously they are open on a Sunday (this craving could not wait any longer). So off I went to Latino Market. 55 Boulevard Lefebvre 75015. I went not knowing if I would find what I wanted. But I hoped.

I entered a pristine clean South American epicerie. The shelves were lined neatly with rows of hot spicey things, canned goods, all colorful and inviting.

I saw options for making my own taco shells, but I didnt think my craving would suddenly make me a skilled taco maker. (I had watched DIY videos on YouTube!).

And then I laid my eyes on a box on the bottom shelf. It was full of wrapped hard shells and tostadas. I couldn’t help myself, I took five of them and a bag of tostadas! I was expecting to have several taco nights. This craving was not going to be squelched in one meal!

I browsed the spices but I didnt understand a darn thing and not having a palete for anything too piquant, I went with my better judgment.

I left with a bag full of crunchy taco shells and a happy mood knowing I could come back anytime when I needed to replenish my stock!

So off I went home, to make a satisfying taco dinner. The tacos were so crunchy, so fresh, so delicious! I was so focused on eating I didnt take a picture of our yummy table. But dont worry, I have some taco shells in stock and will soon be making more!

And of course I am sharing my « find » with you. Latino Market also has a website for those of you who are not in such a hurry to satisfy a taco desire.
I wonder, are you craving tacos now?!? 🌮

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    1. Right!?! Now you’re craving them too!

  1. Would be good to have some price information for what you bought. Thanks.

    1. Cheap! A few euros per package maybe. I don’t remember.

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