Activity Bon Plan Inexpensive Paris

“Un bon plan” = a good idea/deal

What to do with the remainder of the golden autumn sunshine…? One of my favorites is to head over to the Bois de Vincennes, and go row-boating on the Lac de Vincennes, with a picnic lunch. There is plenty of green foliage (or redish-yellow depending on the season) to remind you that life isn’t all asphalt and white stone Haussmanian colors.You feel almost like you’re in the countryside, hear almost no traffic sounds, and it’s so close and so easy to get to. Never any long lines (like at the row boats over at the Bois de Boulogne), and the cost is très doux. Around 11€ for an hour, and a 10€ deposit which is returned to you at the end of the hour. Otherwise you can paddle around for two on the 20€ bill. There are ducks, swans, sometimes geese, even turtles for wildlife. Families flock there on weekends to do a plethera of activites, biking, pony rides etc. It’s a nearby breath of fresh air for the city dweller. Plus you get a little arm excercise, either rowing boats, or serving sandwiches to your honey while he rows!
Métro : Porte Dorée (line 8)

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