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Shoes at the BHV

When I worked in study abroad, I used to tell my students who came here to Paris, that if they needed anything and couldn’t find it they could always head to the BHV. I used to say that at the BHV, you could more or less build, decorate and live in a house with everything they have there. But, recently,… Read more →

#PFW Shoe Sighting

Paris fashion week, holds an aspect that I love to explore…. SHOES! There are so many fun shoes to see and photograph and discover… Shoes, shoes. shoes… fabulous and fun shoes! Here are some of the shoes I captured : It takes two! Two feet, two colors, two types of leather… Red, shiny, fuzzy, all sorts of stuff going on… Read more →

Friday en Français : (sondage) Sans Talons

Le billet « Friday en Français » de cette semaine ne sera pas une traduction d’un ancien billet comme je fais normalement, ce sera un billet complètement nouveau et frivole, rien que pour les francophones! Merci pour votre participation! (This week’s « friday en français » post will not be a translation of an older post like I normally do, it will be a… Read more →

Paris Fashion Week – Feet style!

Half the fun at fashion week is checking out the other people who attend fashion week! Check my post on it here. But even better than their ensemble is their footwear (at least for a shoe-crazed person like me)! Here’s my take on fashion week feet style! Read more →

Vicente Rey rayonne – Vicente Rey shines

At the recent Prête-à-Porter fashion week in Paris at the beginning of October, I discovered a shoe designer who isn’t necessarily new to the fashion scene, but whom I had never known of before. Vicente Rey. Born in Galicia, Spain he studied fashion in Barcel ona and was an apprentice under ARIS, master shoe-maker, with whom he learned the traditional… Read more →

« Saisir la balle au bond » = To seize the opportunity

Fall season is shoe season. But sometimes those brand spanking new boots in the vitrines have price tags that remind you how nice it is to pay rent, and eat and such. Even André, what used to be quite a low-cost shoe retailer, seems to tag on more and more euros every year. Makes me miss the franc. Well, not… Read more →

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