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A Seat On Top of Paris

There are certain sunsets that happen over the city of Paris where I wish I could have a view over the rooftops… Well, I do. I have a seat, and so do you!  On top of Le Printemps Haussman, on a café terrace with a beverage in hand, to enjoy the incredible panoramic view. Read more →

Secret Rooftop View

I got to go to a soirée the other night at an über secret location for an event that I can’t even share with you! I was only able to take pictures of the view… BUT WHAT A VIEW!!!! There is nothing more delightful and Parisian than the rooftops as they jostle each other for skyline space and the horizon… Read more →

Vue sur Paris – A room with a view

People love to climb the Eiffel tower to see the view that spreads out below them up those 1789 steps (yes that’s 1789 steps in remembrance of the French revolution mind you). I myself am a big fan of the Dame de fer (the iron Lady as the French call her). But I don’t think any view in Paris could… Read more →

« à couper le souffle » = Breathtaking

Want a stunning view of the Parisian skyline, while you kiss your sweetie, sans the tourists??? STOP! Don’t go to Sacre Coeur! There you have to battle with panhandlers and bad guitarists singing « No Woman No Cry » with some drunk hippies sprawled on the steps up to the Basilique. Head over to the 20th arrondissement, and discover the parc de… Read more →

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