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La Poste By Mail

If you live in Paris, you most likely hate going to the post office. (Of course it is probably just as annoying to go to the post office in most cities). But I never dreaded the post office until I moved here. Lines move slower than the clock on your last day of cork before vacation. Rarely are the postal… Read more →

A Quick Guide to Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Post by Jenny Bailey When most people imagine 19th century Paris they usually picture artists in berets painting on easels, or bourgeois thinkers discussing the philosopher Descartes over a glass of red wine. Perhaps the picture in their head is of neither of these things but of impoverished writers sipping on absinthe in a typical Parisian café? Any of these… Read more →

It all makes scents to me now!

I had been wanting to visit the Fragonard museum for quite some time now, knowing that the guided tour is free, and finally the opportunity came up. (It’s hard to make time for frivolous and fun things sometimes, even in the city of Paris…time, that ever fleeting escape artist…) Sitting just behind the Garnier Opera house, the hôtel particulier (mansion… Read more →

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