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Sneak Peek : #SweetLifeInParis

So as you may have seen from the amount of tweets and instagrams the other day, Prête-Moi Paris had a fun style photo shoot in Paris involving some FAAAABULOUS collaborations (see below). But a lot of photo and video editing needs to happen before I can show you the results. But…but…but… I know everyone wants a sneak peek! So I… Read more →

NYC Expo : Punk, From Chaos to Couture

Post by Frank Cierpial Ever since I have started making annual trips to Paris to help make my dream come true, I begin to go through a cycle of emotions. Spring is always the time of enlightenment, and the few weeks before going to Paris always seem to move so slowly. That is why I headed down to the Metropolitan… Read more →

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity

Post by Frank Cierpial Paris has always been a city loved by artists. How can it not be? Paris is beautiful twenty four hours a day in every light. In Paris, art is everywhere. From every building to every café crème, beauty is a big part of life in Paris. New York is the opposite. In New York, art is… Read more →

Ladurée in NYC

Article by Frank Cierpial Montclair State University is on Spring Break this week, so at the time when I would normally be in Advanced Spoken Language, I was on a train into New York Penn Station to find one of Paris’s newest most prized treasures, La maison Ladurée. Read more →

Le Petit Parisien – New York

Post by Frank Cierpial Sometimes the hustle and bustle of New York can be too much for anybody and it is nice to take a short journey into a quiet mountain town. This mountain town is in the Garden State of New Jersey. It is called Montclair and I know it well, because I go to Montclair State University. Montclair… Read more →

NYFW Erin Barr SS13

Post by Frank Cierpial I was in Florence, Italy studying fashion this past summer. One day, my professor took us to the Salvatore Ferragammo Museum. The Ferragammo museum was showing a Marilyn Monroe exhibit featuring all of the dresses that she wore, including the dress that Madonna copied for her video “Material Girl”. As I walked through at looked at… Read more →

FNO in NYC 2012

Post by Frank Cierpial On the night of Wednesday September 6th, I went home after school to put on My Jean Paul Gaultier inspired outfit that combined my old edginess with the chic style that I learned from the Parisians. I started with a sexy blue V-neck shirt and a pair of black slacks. I then dressed it up with… Read more →

Paris is a moment…

Sometimes that Parisian moment can last a matter of hours, a day, several months, a year, a few years, a decade…more…a lifetime or beyond. What makes Paris so special? I think it is the moments that are spent here, that go fleeting by, and we try so desperately to grasp them and make them last longer then they do. We… Read more →

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