Étiquette : Chanel

I Work in Luxury Sales

I work in luxury sales.  It sounds gorgeous doesn’t it? “luxury sales”. In truth, I’m a salesperson in a boutique for a luxury brand, and even though there is often a sort of pejorative regard for such an employment, I love my job and the company I work for. Many people who find out what I do and where,  often… Read more →

A Wonderful Time seeking Coco Chanel

I was invited to join a fun and delightful tour with a new company called Wonderful Time. They were in the final stages of testing their tours, and asked me to join a group (thanks to Pamela of francophilia who put me in touch with them, and who joined me on the tour) for a tour of Coco. THE Coco.… Read more →

The Mystique

It’s all about the aura we create around our natural beauty. #BeautyTrend #Mauve #purple #pink #Chanel #Sisley The Mystique by pretemoiparis featuring a rose perfume Marc Jacobs rose perfume$76 – harrods.com Sisley lip care$69 – liberty.co.uk This Works flower perfumenet-a-porter.com Chantecaille eyeshadowneimanmarcus.com Burgundy nail polishamazon.com Chanel blushnordstrom.com Le Métier de Beauté voluminous mascarabeautybar.com Urban Decay mineral powder make upbeauty.com MAC Cosmetics matte lipstickbloomingdales.com Read more →

Dressing Like Dita

I have a lovely habit of wasting time on one of my favorite websites : ShopStyle. It’s like having the world as a closet and being able to create outfits form millions and millions of articles. It’s addicting. I am warning you now. I am also a big fan of Dita. You know who I am talking about. She inspires… Read more →

Paris FNO 2012

This year Paris FNO happened on the rue du Faubourg Sainnt Honoré.  I thought it would be a mixture of avenue Montaigne and Faubourg Saint Honoré, but avenue Montaigne did not participate at all. There was a slight improvement from last year, meaning access to many stores was less strict, but I was again left with a an annoyed feeling… Read more →

Paris Fashion Week – The show outside the tents

Guest post by Katie Henoch Trends outside BAILMAIN and CHANEL Paris AW1213 shows : CHIC STREET FASHION BAILMAN: People attending were in more of a “working trendy” outfit, as in they were going to work but you knew they worked at Vogue.  Whereas non-attendees outside were wearing more vintage oversized clothing, taking more risks.  Grace Coddington was in all black,… Read more →

Guest Post : Lucky First-Time Fashion Week

Post by Emily McGovern March 6th couldn’t have been a better day for fashion in Paris. Waking up to Chanel in the morning and ending the evening with Alexander McQueen – can it really get any better than that? Despite the rain and the cold, lucky guests made their way in style to some of the most fabulous shows that… Read more →

Couture fashion week : My favorites from the major brands

The Dior show was very subdued minus Galliano, and perhaps change is a good thing. I did however love the sillhouettes and waistlines which to me are the most important part of a gown or dress. It’s the base from which all the extra frivolities may flutter, and it must be perfectly accented and cut. The next important thing is… Read more →

Shopping in and around Paris

Guest post by Bonney Bailey  Paris has to be one of the most popular shopping cities in the world. Here, high-end chic rubs shoulders with vintage fashion, making this the ultimate city to shop ’til you drop. Whether you’re spending a romantic weekend away or taking the kids to Eurodisney Paris you’ll never be far away from some first class… Read more →

Vintage ‘it’ bags and more

Since 1995 Monsieur Gérard Avrand and his wife Mme Valérie Michot have held this boutique that brings new life to items that no longer serve their original owners. Chanel bags, Prada, Hermès, Vuitton… I guess in this age of consumerism we can all get tired of even the finest of things and be on the search for something new. Thank… Read more →

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