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Ville et Cinéma Film Festival

 I have recently been reading (no, devouring) several novels by Douglas Kennedy, who’s charachters are usually writers, often live in Paris for a period of time, and ALWAYS love the cinema. Those of his characters that come to visit the city of lights always find solace in the vintage cinema theaters of the 5th and 6tha rrodnissements. These are independant cinemas and they don’t play the latest blockbuster, but rather they play the classics, the vintage, the independant etc. films. Going to the cinema seems to be a vvery Parisian thing to do anyways!

Well Mr Kennedy’s characters would be beyond thrilled if they knew that there is a new film festival that is being held over a few day’s time that would be right “up their alley”!!!

 Ville & Cinéma *June 29th to July 4th, 2012*

Maison de l’architecture • Couvent des Recollets
148, rue du Faubourg Saint Martin • Paris 10th Arr.

Established by Hervé Bougon, (@villeetcinema on twitter) Ville et Cinema is a festival created to shine light on movies that show the different urbain developments of the different cities of the world. The festival philosiphizes that : “Cinema could not, really, cross over urbain reality, as just anything but the expression of modern western civilisation and not shine a light on, from its beginning, the big city “of the moment” or the “fashionable” metropolis such as Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo.” [Translated from their web site]

At least 26 films will be shown for this festival all dating between the year 1925 and 2011…there is bound to be something for every cinematic taste all ranging in type : animated; short film; documentary; and feature films.

The festival will be of course a place to meet and discuss and debate, and will allow to open the conversation on such diverse problematique issues sucha s urban development; or the aspect of the city being such a magnetic place for power; or again, the perversions, the social tensions and the anonymity in a big city…and many more topics.

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