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Say Fromage! Batignolles Cheese Bar : Formaticus

It was a butcher shop until recently. It probably closed because of all the competition in the Batignolles covered market. And now this lovely address with an Art Nouveau façade is a charming little cheese bar and fromagerie. Formaticus.

Formaticus Batignolles

Formaticus has fresh cheeses to take away with you and savour at home, or on a picnic; or you can snag one of the tables and order up a simply delightful meal. With cheese starring on the menu and daily board, I was in absolute heaven. I ordered a proper croque monsieur and Chéri had a cheese and sausage platter. Paired with well suggested wine. Both were absolutely scrumptious.


As they just opened, they seemed rather understaffed and struggling to take care of the flow of clients. We waited almost an hour for our food which should have only taken about 10 minutes to prepare. But it finally arrived and our hungry bellies were happy with the deliciously fresh food. I suggested to the flustered gentleman behind the counter that he should perhaps offer us a refill on our wine glasses to compensate. He obliged. It was probably a rather bold thing for me to do, but I do have some remaining American tendencies, and one of them is wanting to be re-compensated for an unpleasant experience in a restaurant. We ended up leaving the cheese bar after lunch feeling a little “round” as we say in french, from the two large glasses of wine!



The atmosphere of the cheese bar is light and airy and clean. Perfect for a hot summer day. It’s exactly the kind of place you would hope to see in the Batignolles. A little hipster, with a slight theme (cheese in this case), a little cool, where locals go, and with a friendly and charming attitude. Honestly I have yet to try a place in the Batignolles that I don’t like!


I will probably test out Formaticus again this winter to see how the menu changes and whether or not they have been able to acquire more staff.


16 Rue Brochant, 75017 Paris

Open for lunch and dinner 11:30am to 10pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

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