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I am transitioning my blog’s server in the next couple of days, so you may experience difficulty in accessing it. Not to worry, pretemoiparis.com should be running smoothly no later than a day after the transition. My hope is to have a little more creative freedom and an optimized control over my layout and structure of my blog, by hosting it on a server beyond the WordPress server…  although they have served me well over the past four years. 🙂

So fingers crossed this won’t cause much of a disruption in my publishing, and your reading, and I will continue promptly to serve up all things Paris!!
Musée Galliera

Prête-Moi Paris

An American in Paris, blogging about Paris, the expat life, luxury, fashion, culture, people, places and pieces of the city of lights.

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  1. Love your latest photos! Paris in the spring has to be the best. I do have one little correction to make, your photos labeled lilacs are actually wisteria blossoms and they are beautiful. Hope you don’t mind me correcting that. I have been reading your blog for some time and making notes, my daughter and I will be spending almost a month in Paris this July, it will be her first time but my fourth. Your writings and photos are very helpful, I hope to glean more info before we come over and I wish we were friends so we could visit, I feel like I know you and Cherie!
    Thank you, Mary Johnson
    Yakima , Washington U.S.A

    1. Hello Mary! And thanks for that sweet little correction, wisteria sounds even more elegant than lilacs! Hope you two have a delightful time in Paris this Summer. xoxo

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