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Fun French Weekend Ideas For Spring

Written in collaboration with Mary Davis

Heres to hoping we will all get to travel again this Spring…

Living in Paris is one of the most beautiful things ever and it is great to explore your neighborhood, especially with so much to see and do in the city. However, it is good to get out sometimes and explore what else France has to offer. Spring is a gorgeous time to get out and explore this gorgeous country.

Your backyard

Paris is a huge city, and many people find that even after years of living there, there are still places that we have not yet seen and/or explored. So make it a point to explore this spring when the flowers are blooming and there is a season of ‘refresh’ in the air. Hop on a metro line and explore new areas of Paris maybe you’ve never seen before, such as the futuristic Paris-Saclay campus, or places you have been meaning to get back to. After all, with some exploring you could find yourself in a new favorite spot in the city!


Reims is the capital of France’s Champagne region and home to some historic sights. Especially if you are a lover of champagne, this is a must. I visited the region my first year in France, on the back of a hot Moto Guzzi (way before meeting Chéri). Wind your way through the vineyards and the city exploring champagne houses such as Taittinger, Mumm and Pommery. UNESCO-listed Cathedral is also a must see!

La Roque-Gageac

As a small medieval town located Cliffside, facing the Dordogne River, La Roque-Gageac is easily one of the most stunning villages in France. It is an especially romantic destination, making it a top destination to visit in the spring with your special someone.


Another place I visited my first year in France, Annecy, has gorgeous landscapes, from the mountains to the lake to the old town with more waterways than roads. Visit the museum at Château d’Annecy to learn about the history of the city and be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view. If you are out on a sunny spring day, take a boat and get out on the water for some exploring and something entirely different than what you can do in the city.


Arcachon is a seaside resort town located on France’s Atlantic coast. The first time I saw it, I was reminded of my home region in the USA, coastal New England. Head here for incredible seafood, unspoilt sandy beaches with surfing available, sand dunes, a relaxing boat trip, and to explore the vineyards of Bordeaux’s Haut Medoc nearby.


Amboise is a gorgeous city located on the banks of the Loire River. You’ll find charming cobblestone streets, weekend farmers markets, a 15th-century castle, Leonardo Davinci’s final home, and quaint restaurants and bakeries that add something special to the city.

With so many gorgeous destinations, visiting somewhere quintessentially French and unlike something you can see elsewhere makes for a trip you won’t ever forget. These French weekend adventures await you, (just as soon as this global health crisis is over), whether you live in Paris or are just in France for vacation and looking for something ‘different’.

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  1. One of my earliest memories of the French countryside was driving out of Paris to Normandy many years ago. How quickly the landscape changes as soon as you leave the capital and the Ile de France, an how intensely coloured it is in springtime — greens, pinks, whites, yellows. We only went as far as Évreux, about an hour and a half from Paris, to visit family, but it was truly another world. Here’s hoping we’ll soon be allowed to venture beyond our neighbourhoods again!

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