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Fashion Photo Shoot in Paris

Girls fashion photo shoot in Paris

I was strolling by the Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro the other day, and saw this lovely little group of young American women, all primped up and ready for their photo shoot in Paris. I couldn’t resist, and asked their permission to take a few shots. After annoying them for a couple minutes as I snapped a few images, I left a card with one of them, and tossed a cheery thank you as I sauntered off. I hope they had a delightful time being immortalized in their fashionable best in front of the iron lady.

Their sassy outfits inspired me to create a style board for anyone who likes their styles and wants to copy them. I like how they all have a different and distinct look. Every outfit is different, and each girl has a style of her own. Fancy friends ready to take on Paris!!!

Fashion Photo Shoot in Paris


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