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Le Clan Des Jules

Le Clan Des Jules - Restaurant We found this fantastic little place on rue Brochant in the 17th. It has everything you would want on a cold dreary winter evening when you go out for dinner : warm colored décor, interesting and appetizing menu, friendly service, good wine, and a fun theme to the whole thing!
So the theme is a sort of tongue-in-cheek way of saying it’s a mob owned restaurant. It isn’t, that’s just the theme. From the vintage items strategically placed around the restaurant, to the 1920’s mobster machine gun racked up on the wall, to the bullet casings lined up on one of the shleves; even one of the menu items played into the theme : on the dessert menu the last choice was “Rien, le parrain m’attend 0€” (Nothing, the godfather is waiting for me 0€).

We were set in a cozy corner, and although when we got there were only the second table to fill, in about 30 minutes there was not a single table empty… (all French people, no tourists) and it was a week night! Thank goodness we reserved. I highly suggested doing the same if you want to head there for a meal.

Le Clan Des Jules - Restaurant

The service was great. I was very impressed by the ONE person who took care of all twenty-odd tables service drinks, taking orders and service meals, always with cheerful politeness. The desserts did take a little while, but the server informed us that there was a problem with the stove and it was taking a little longer than usual. There were two positive things to take away from that : A. he was kind enough to apologize and inform us; and B. That meant no microwave was being used on our food to zap quickly. #SighOfRelief
Le Clan Des Jules - Restaurant

So my entrée (starter in French) was the only non-dairy thing on the entrée menu : but I am so glad I was, because it was DELISH! A mushroom dish. I normally am not THAT inclined to eat mushroom, but this time I kind of had to and since they were amazing, it work out great for all involve, me, the mushroom and my stomach. It was sautéed mushroom with a pesto sauce and a poached egg on top. I liked it so much I “sauced” my place with bread to enjoy every bit of it!
Le Clan Des Jules - Restaurant

A few of us at the table ordered the lamb as our main dish. It was succulent (slightly fatty) but so tasty. I was able to get mine with salad on the side instead of the gratin dauphinois (which I would have loved to have tried, but that would have been painful afterward).

Le Clan Des Jules - Restaurant
There was no dessert item without dairy, so I had “Rien, le parrain m’attend 0€”. But as the server was setting down the desserts of my friends, I noticed a shelf up high behind the bar with giant jars of candy. I immediatly had a startling desire for candy (maybe all that Candy Crush I’d been playing). He was nice enough to let me dig into one of the jars while everyone gobbled up their creamy desserts. Normally he hands those jars out when the bill is placed on the table. Aw, I suppose to sweeten the bill.
Le Clan Des Jules - Restaurant

The price is average for Paris, (about 30€ per person) but well worth it, in as much as the service and the food is all great, and the setting is chaleureux and perfect for a chilly evening.
Le Clan Des Jules - Restaurant

Le Clan Des Jules

7 Rue Brochant, 75017 Paris, France
Tel : +33 1 42 29 37 62

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  1. It looks very homey! Add to that the fact that customer service is great, now that’s a place I’ve got to visit soon!

    1. Abegail I hope you do try it! Let me know what you think of it when you do. 🙂

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