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Is it Spring yet?!?

Is it Spring yet?!?

Spring keeps teasing us here in Paris. We’ll get a really brilliant sunny day in between several cold and gray ones. It’s almost like you can hear a communal “Aaaaaaah!” throughout Pairs when the random gorgeous day glitters down upon us. and then a disappointed chorus of “Boooooo.” when we wake up the next day and see the drizzle or feel the chill. It was a couple Sundays ago, I think we all returned to work on Monday with a light pinkish hue on our fresh faces. Just about all of Paris was out lounging along the river banks of the Seine. I even ran into Sylvia of Finding Noon.

I keep reminding myself it IS still March. And then we have the manic weather of April to get through too. They have a saying in French : “En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil. En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait!” Meaning, keep your sweater/coat on in April, but in May you’re in the clear! (more or less).

But… all that said, I am in the mood for spring fashion, and I have friends’ weddings to go to this summer and plenty of picnics to plan, so I am going to go ahead and let my imagination wanter to warm Spring days full of champagne lunch dates and château weddings… (right, as if that’s all I do. Ha!). Anyway, back to the daydream… I am thinking a light navy blue hue with ivory cream colored accents this Spring. I know the color palette in all the fashion houses and covering all the glossy pages is a much more modern and bolder array of colors (think citrus yellow and emerald green), but I tend to be less of a modern when it comes to apparel. I don’t get over-adventurous with my wardrobe, in fact, a pair of slacks, a solid color basic toned top with a little lace or a silk blouse and a well cut vest jacket is my favorite thing to wear. But here we are dreaming of special Spring occasions, and fancy Parisian outings. So I put together a lovely little ensemble, as your ticket of admission into Spring (because Spring actually sprung several days ago…)

Enjoy the ride

Tell me in the comments below, where you would wear this ensemble?

Tory burch purse

Kate Spade bracelet

Eric Javits hat


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