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Pretty Paris Pictures : Snow!

I am sure every Paris based blogger has been posting articles about the snow blanketed city of lights! Thanks to the delightful powdering by mother nature we all got to enjoy winter for once in the city-that-rarely-gets-snow.

So now, allow me to add mine to the list. 🙂

Also you can visit Le Figaro’s collection of photos of Paris under the snow, where you can see how pretty it is, and Parisians having fun, and *gasp* helping eachother!

I also enjoyed A French Frye In Paris’ post with pictures of all the snowy playfulness in Montmartre!


Snowy Paris rooftop
Paris Snow La Madeleine



Kiosque theatre, Paris, under the snow.
Paris Snow : Place de la Madeleine
Velib in the snow

Paris Snow : Ave Daumesnil






  1. Lovely photos, Melissa !
    It’s like being in Paris. Thanks 🙂
    The first one is especially dear to my heart: this little café next to Notre Dame is my Headquarter when I am in Paris… I have several photos of it taken in the summer. It’s really fun to see it covered with snow.
    Have a great day,
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)
    PS. I am definitely adding you to my blogroll. If you want to the same, you are welcome 😉

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