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The Wedding Tea Room “Gourmandise” shoot

Photo Maiwenn Pibouleau

So you all remember the Marie Antoinette shoot I did about a year ago right? Sadly Sonia Akono of SGA Events, for whom we did the shoot had stalled her wedding planning business for the time being, but Frédérique Sivadier of the Wedding Tea Room has been building hers! (She did the decoration on the Marie Antoinette shoot).  Lucky me who has found an amazing friend in Fréd, and get to work with her on her projects, as a model! (Fred was also an angel sent from heaven and helped me with the conception, and set up of my wedding decoration and the creation of my bon-bon bar).

I was still on cloud nine, freshly married for a few days only, and I got to hope on the regional train with my friend Quinn, to go model for this wedding inspration shoot that Fréd has been planning for about 9 months! Entitled : Gourmandises et douceur de vivre à la Française, is was full of fresh air fun, frolicking and frilly frocks, and what absolute fun to shar the experience with my dear friend Quinn. Quinn played the bride, and I played the bridesmaid.

Fréd picked us up at the train station her van FULL, I mean FULL to the brim with decoration stuff. It was amazinng the amount of small details she can focus in on. She has an eye for everything, that I don’t really see often in French wedding decoration. She has truly brought the anlo-saxon idea of personalization to the French wedding in the most detail way. And man is she a pro!!! Everything was packed in organized plastic boxes, ready to be set up, all the people working on the shoot had their specific roles (although some didn’t mind helping with other roles : Me, Noel one of the photographers and Chantal the decoration consultant helped Fréd set up the white tent), and Fréd is a collassal worker. She doesn’t stop. She even brought lunch for everyone that she had loveingly made at home.

How can you not LOVE this woman! Plus she gives great hugs!!!!

So without further ado…here are some shots from the shoot, and you can go see the article on Fréd’s site for more!!!

Photo : Noel Fouque
Photo : Maiwenn Piboudeau
Photo : Maiwenn Piboudeau
Photo : Noel Fouque
Photo : Noel Fouque
Photo : Noel Fouque
Photo : Noel Fouque
Photo : Noel Fouque
Photo : Maiwenn
Photo : Noel Fouque

Credits :

Creation, conception, deccoration and coordination : Frédérique “Fréd” SIVADIER : The Wedding Tea Room

Decoration consultant : Chantal du blog d’Escargotine

Models : Moi de Prête moi Paris et Quinn Connors de Quinntessential Style

Make-up & hair : Laetitia de Platinium pro coiffure

Floral arrangements : Frédéric Bertin

Photographers : Noel Fouque et Maiwenn Pibouleau

Dresses : Max Mara

Accessories : Folie douce à Paris


  1. Hey Melissa ! Toujours un plaisir de lire tes post et visiter ton blog. Cette fois je te laisse un petit message pour te remercier pour ce très joli billet sur le shooting que j’ai eu le privilège de partager avec vous tous ! Bravo encore à Fred sans qui rien de tout cela ne serait possible et à chacun d’entre vous pour son talent et son savoir faire ! Merci !
    Bises !

  2. Rhoooooooo super surprise ce matin !!!!! Merci pour tout, mais c’est surtout un grand merci à vous tous pour cette journée !!!! il y en aura plein d’autres !!! Je t’adore Ma Melissa !!!!!!! Je te dis à bien vite ;-)))))))

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