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Style Hunter Christmas Gift Emporium by Tilly MacAlister-Smith

A friend of Chéri and I has a lovely little company that I have been wanting to share with you for a while now, as I appreciate the type of business this company represents. Authenticity. Quality. Honesty. Modesty.

Carré Royal, specializing in and developing a collection of goods manufactured in the best European materials. Their design is “minimalist” (no logo, sober shapes…). :

Accessories, wallets, bags, ipad cases etc…

Carré Royal

Carré Royal

The origins of the Carré Royal brand go back to the 1950s with the founding of their first workshop in Southwestern France. The value of the brand lies in their value of good craftsmanship and quality materials. Their creations are made for lovers of fine goods who appreciate the aspects of well made leather and the elegant sobriety of their no-frills products. Their leather is vegetable tanned, which allows the leather to retain some of it’s natural aspects, hence why their leather develops a particularly fine patina over time. In addition, their materials come from the very best European tanneries, mainly French tanneries. It also has that delightfully fragrant “new-leather” smell that I associate with luxury goods.

In France their products can be found at the following : France: Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, Comptoir Bourdonnais(New), Caravane(New), Afwosh (New)…or at the Carré Royal online store :

They are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too!

December 2012 update :

Carré Royal was chosen by Tilly Macalister-Smith, Fashion Editor, for the Style Hunter, Christmas Gift Emporium :


In the USA they can be found at :

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  1. I haven’t really had a purse or bag from Carre Royal but based from I saw, I like their designs. Simple and Elegant. I like this one the best: because it is very simple. I’ve been looking for a coin purse that would suit my taste and I would really want to have this 🙂

    1. Thanks for entering Ameri. (Your entry is complete and validated!) The contest would be for the tweed and leather tote seen on the contest post page. But perhaps you could purchase the coin purse to go with it if you win! (Or even if you don’t win!) Best of luck.

  2. Really stunning products, glad to learna bout them!

  3. That pink leather wallet is precious…. want! xx

  4. I love the simplicity of their designs…especially the cute little “porte cartes”.

  5. Absolutelt love the large zip wallet! It comes in amazing colors and would hold everything I need for travelling!

  6. My favorite is the Tote Bag. It is perfect for everyday essentials and the colors/pattern is exactly my style. I love it!

  7. Love the colorful wallets but those tote bags have stolen my heart! Such great Parisian colors and wonderful fabrics!

  8. I absolutely adore the new Harris Tweed bag, it seems to be the perfect size for an on-the-go girl, not to mention the colors are divine! I so look forward to having my own one day!

  9. I liked their Sac zippé because I think that it’s very elegant and versatile!

  10. I adore the look of the leather, so fine and buttery! Thank you for sharing your discovery, pretemoiparis!

    1. You are welcome Germaine! Thank you for playing.

  11. I love the bright red wallet!

  12. Wow! Carré Royal have some amazing stuff but my heart completely belongs to their Large Wallet in the lush green colour… The wallet itself seems spacious enough to hold things without even being close to the dowdy side. So elegant!

    1. I so agree! We free-raffled one of the green ones off at my 3 year blog party.

  13. Love the bright green large wallet also!

  14. I bought a carre royal wallet today and I love it. Just wondering is it made in Paris?

    1. Joyce, not Paris, they are made in France with leather sourced in France and Europe. I’m glad you love your wallet! Which one did you get?

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