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God Save The Kitchen Restaurant

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I came across this charming Paris restaurant when I was grabbing some supplies for wedding prep at an art store near métro Nation. And it looked so absolutely inviting that I just had to go in! I sat and had a demi pression and chatted with the barman and the owner who is a young woman about my age and she was setting up the tables for the dinner hour.

I discovered a place that is not only charming in an art deco kind of way, but also has an interesting philosophy in the kitchen. They believe in serving organic food of the season, and they also offer good food at decent prices. Every day, their lunch menu boasts a new and different meal that is fresh and made with vegetables that a grown in season, and the meal is the chefs design. So they get to be creative in the kitchen every day! There is though a regular menu that is priced the same for lunch and dinner! Most restaurants hike the price as soon as the dinner hour rolls around, for the same food (or similar).

They have a vegetable wok plate for only 10€, there’s a chicken supreme plate with a ceasar salad for 14€, or a pad thaïe jumbo shrimp plate for 16€.

The décor is soft and inviting, with warm lighting, a sort of retro vibe but that doesn’t feel like your grandmother’s dinning room, there are no lace doilies.

So although I only had a beer and wasabi nuts there when I stopped in, my appetite was certainly enticed and I am so looking forward to reserving a table and heading there with friends!

301 Rue Fbg St Antoine  75011 Paris, 01 43 56 52 67


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