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My ultimate dream apartment in Paris

The last time I visited a luxury apartment with Lodgis, I told Laetitia about this apartment I had seen on their srite about 4 years ago, and how it had become the apartment to which I compared all others (luxury dream apartments). And I was sad when I saw it disappear from the site (and could no longer daydream over the images). But a couple of months ago, I was browsing their website and daydreaming over which one I would pick if I had several million lying in the bank…and there. it. was. My ultimate dream apartment suddenly reappeared! I took it as a sign and bought a lottery ticket that very day. (No I did not win, in case you were wondering!) LOL!

But after having told Laetitia about it, she surprised me a week later with a proposal for a rendez-vous to see the place with the owner. I was so thrilled I could hardly contain myself! I would actually get to see my ultimate dream apartment in person?!? Youpiiii! I never thought I would ever step through the door of that incredible one-of-akind place.

Giusto Mazelli, Lodgis photographer

Laetitita set up the rendez-vous, and I skipped over on line 6 with all sorts of happy thoughts popping in and out of my head. The Métro stop was at Bir-Hakim, just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel tower and it is apparently right next to one of the best Japanese restaurants in Paris! I mean it’s perfect for me and Chéri who are don’t eat gluten or dairy! It’s a sign. For sure. 😉

Laetitia was waiting below the apartment with the photographer Giusto Mazelli (who illustrates so well all my real-estate daydreams with his fabulous photography!). We went up to the top floor (penthouse baby!)… and walked through the door…

Alexis the owner greeted us at the door of the apartment. Around the corner from the entry way is the most giant living room I have ever seen. It is open up onto the dining area where you can seat up to oh 17 people…and also has a sky-roof, that opens. The view is panoramic and light just pours into the space. And the space, oh the space…. You could have a dance party in there! (The owner admitted to having one). It’s huge. I mean room to sprawl out. You can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take all of America out of the girl. I miss space! And boy does this place have it. I could hold a whole ballet class up there for probably 10 dancers with room to spare!

And then we walked into the bedroom, and that’s when the view, the real view hit me smack in the eyeballs. The Eiffel tower loomed in front of me in all her iron glory, huge and commanding of my vision. Maybe it’s because I don’t live there, but I just wanted to oggle that view. You don’t need TV with a view like that!

And then they showed us the master bathroom. You can brush your teeth over the double his and her sinks and look at the freaking Eiffel tower! Or you can hang out in your hammam sauna and LOOK AT THE FREAKING Eiffel tower! Or lay in your bathtub (with a glass of champagne and perfumed soap bubbles, and you get to look at the giant Eiffel tower that is looming up in front of you. Le sigh….

The kitchen…. a dream! A giant you-can-make-anything-because-you-have-the-space-to dream. I bet you could hold a cooking show in that kitchen there’s so much space! And it looks out onto the tracks of the line six which you can watch whiz by every 4 to 6 minutes.

There’s a room for working on the computer, two to three MORE bedrooms, plenty of bathrooms, closets and storage, a cinema screening area, a walk in closet, a huge fireplace, and oodles and oodles of space. It is, to put it lightly, insane!

I was in penthouse heaven and beside myself with giddiness to actually run around my ultimate Paris dream apartment…

On my way home I bought myself a lottery ticket. You never know!

View from the master bedroom!


  1. Wow. What a great apartment! Only makes me feel even worse as my hunt for my miniature next home continues! I always find myself creeping onto the luxury places also haha.. doesn’t help!! Good luck in the lottery!

  2. Nice little apartment, that’s right. I could see the Eiffel Tower from a place near my house in Le Perreux, but these views here are unbeatable. Hope one day would be able to have a flat like this one, with an Eiffel Tower view. Thanks for sharing!

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