Paris Fashion Week – The show outside the tents

Guest post by Katie Henoch

Trends outside BAILMAIN and CHANEL Paris AW1213 shows : CHIC STREET FASHION


People attending were in more of a “working trendy” outfit, as in they were going to work but you knew they worked at Vogue.  Whereas non-attendees outside were wearing more vintage oversized clothing, taking more risks.  Grace Coddington was in all black, black flats and black jacket with no makeup on.

Fur seems to be in here, either with full jackets, or vests, or collars – same with leather.

People showed off their originality through their vintage jackets.  From boxy patterned 80s inspired ones, to a pastel Easter yellow textured jacket with heels to match, to a plaid tailored men’s jacket reminiscent of the 1940s.

There seemed to be a rocker chick trend happening, either with leather leggings, jacket, boots, or bags all in black with red lipstick.

Then you had your classic vintage girls, with skinny jeans, or boyfriend pant jeans with blouse and blazer on top and bigger accessories or necklace.

Also – florals and mix matching of patterns.



Outside of CHANEL there were two categories: people going in with invitations, and people not going in.

Of the attendee’s almost everyone with an invite in their hand was wearing some accent of Chanel on them, if not being outfitted entirely in it.

However, there was still a sense of higher fashion in the air for those who remained outside the show.  Less vintage 80’s or baggy street wear, and more of a cinched, put together, and classic style but with a bit of an edge…I mean c’mon! The point is to get noticed right!

Perhaps sometimes a little too classic! :

Fashion week is the one place were you can wear your most interesting wardrobe elements…whether it is as a statement piece, as an accent piece or how about all at once! :

Katy Perry’s appearance seemed to come out of nowhere. Within a few seconds she emerged from a moving orb of body guards, her entourage and a sew of photographers, heading swiftly towards the entrance, dressed in black with a pearl accented black hat to contrast with her blue hair.

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