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#PFW Street Style #AW1314

Street style shots… It’s funny to see how many people have taken to this habit of shooting pictures of those who hang on the fringe of fashion week, or those who attend. It’s a mixing of the two demographics, and nobody seems to mind. Some are aloof and pretend to not care about or even want cameras on them, some… Read more →

Paris Fashion Week – The show outside the tents

Guest post by Katie Henoch Trends outside BAILMAIN and CHANEL Paris AW1213 shows : CHIC STREET FASHION BAILMAN: People attending were in more of a “working trendy” outfit, as in they were going to work but you knew they worked at Vogue.  Whereas non-attendees outside were wearing more vintage oversized clothing, taking more risks.  Grace Coddington was in all black,… Read more →

Guest Post : Lucky First-Time Fashion Week

Post by Emily McGovern March 6th couldn’t have been a better day for fashion in Paris. Waking up to Chanel in the morning and ending the evening with Alexander McQueen – can it really get any better than that? Despite the rain and the cold, lucky guests made their way in style to some of the most fabulous shows that… Read more →

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