5 Parisian Brands You May Have Not Heard Of But Should

Writen in collaboration with Mary Davis

Long live France and our amazing fashion. Maybe I am a bit biased, but I think French women, especially Parisians, have the most elegant taste in the world. From when I was a child, I always admired the image of French women and their flair on fashion. Nowadays thanks to social media, smaller brands are becoming megabrands that are becoming the hottest items in stores and online. There are many classic brands that I believe make a closet come alive with a bit of French flair, but there are also many newer and some not so famous brands like Jacquamus and A.P.C to name a few. Classic brands are being revived and rejuvenated and I made a list of some that I think you should take a look at.

The second you look every piece from Jacquemus, you can’t help but think of 1 thing – the south of France. The colors, shapes, silhouettes, everything is designed with the south of France in mind thanks to the designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus, origins from the beautiful town of Marseille. You can discover more from Jacquemus and think for a second you can smell fresh lavender on fashion sites like Luisaviaroma (LVR) and jump into a world of French creativity. If you are in Paris (the company’s headquarters are rumored to be around Le Marais), head to his restaurant, Le Citron in Gallerie LaFayette!

Founded in the 60’s, you can still feel the retro Parisian liberal vibes within the brand. It went through a bit of an identity crisis throughout the years, but now Courreges is back and stronger than ever. Their aesthetic is a bit sporty yet ultra-feminine, built for the modern Parisian woman who is always on the move and wanting to stand out a bit from the crowd. Courreges encourages woman to be their own catalyst and create their own playful, yet modern uniform. The pieces are different, yet can be mixed with many other things in your closet to give you an added something.

Standing for “Atelier de Production et de Création”, A.P.C was founded in 1987 by Jean Toutiou, but has kept a similar calm, cool and collective aesthetic since jour 1. You can find the perfect trousers, blazers, jackets, and dress shirt that you’ve been searching for! This is the classic, quintessential Parisian wardrobe you need, full of pieces that you can invest in and wear for years to come. Colors consisting of crisp whites and jet black, while their bags give a bit of color in beautiful burgundies are exactly the pieces you need to create your everyday work or play wardrobe. This may be a bit more for you minimalists out there, but the maximalists can also pair a wool A.P.C blazer with a fun skirt to add a high fashion twist!

A few words to describe this brand can be transgressive Parisian and unexpected. This brand was made for the modern woman in mind who wants to add a bit of sex appeal to her wardrobe. Every piece from Faith Connexion gives a bit of a vintage rock’n’roll vibe and steals a bit from her boyfriend’s wardrobe, this season in the form of flannels. These pieces are also very easy because the new flannels can be worn with pants under for a bit of a conservative look, or bare your legs with a beautiful pair of stiletto heels whilst out on a dinner date in Saint German. Really give them something to look at!

What if I were to tell you luxury hats are becoming quite a trend? You don’t need to be going to the Kentucky Derby or Teatime in England to be wearing one of these beautiful hats! Back in its heyday, this maison became the supplier of hats for designers from Pierre Cardin, to Givenchy, and Valentino to name a few. In its Paris atelier, there is a small group of very skilled women and men that are still producing these work of art hats for the most stylish and chic women in the world.

Next time you want to feel or look a bit more Parisian but want to discover more a bit some of the founding brands of modern French fashion, take a look at some of these brands. You never know, you may develop your own love and affection for one of these beautiful brands!

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